Recently arrived to Esshar

You traveled, alone or along side others, to the borders of the continent of Esshar.
Armed with only your strength of will, you're now free to shape your fate however you will it!

SEEK ADVENTURE IN ESSHAR Visit the many noteworthy land marks of Esshar, attend events managed by players and administrators, buy and personalize a home! The world of Eternia is vast and shaped by the actions of the colorful cast of characters. The story is given shape by the relationships developed between the characters! You can live a peaceful life as a humble farmer within an empire, become a revolutionary terrorist who wants to create a new kingdom or even a greedy, selfish merchant who wishes to establish a new crime family.

MAKE YOUR OWN STORY Everything in Eternia is based on the interactions between the characters. You can, while developing your player character, find powerful allies, a partner for life - or even a deadly nemesis. When your creation comes to an end with your character's death (death is permanent in the game!), it will be time to rejoice in the memory of a carefully crafted story! Immerse yourself in our setting, and celebrate, regret, laugh and suffer in a completely new world!

LIMITLESS CUSTOMIZATION There are no boundaries to what you can be, do, or create! The game sports a unique profession system, through which you can become a famous craftsman who made their name by forging a legendary sword or an alchemist who revolutionized the economy with a new potion - all items are sold by the players themselves, granting relevance to any path your character wants to follow! In addition, it is possible to buy your own home and completely customize its interiors!

UNIQUE CHARACTERS Eternia 3 boasts a massive amount of Spell Trees, making each character extremely unique depending on the choices their made regarding their magic! You can be a magician specialized in fire and gravity magic, a swordsman who controls illusory forces to deceive his enemies, or an occult master who corrupts all in their path with gloom and shadow – limits? You will find none here! All skills are purchased with Roleplay Points, which are acquired as you influence the world around you and actively roleplay within the game.
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