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A demon slayer & his sword. - Sachiko - 04-21-2022

[Image: unknown.png?width=562&height=427]
"Who'll survive?"
When the demon slayer returns from his training in the mountains, a crow greets him with a letter inviting him to Mount Yama, and ten sets off by morning, arriving at the mountain's base by nightfall.
getting awestruck by the forest's abundance of sinka flowers as he walks up the stairs to the gathering place, he is shocked to see a large number of individuals his age there, all of whom are trying to prove worth. A speaking crow attends to the applicants.
Thanking everyone for their participation and informing them of their goal. The forest contains demons imprisoned in the mountain as a result of the sinka surrounding the forest keeping them in, despite the fact that these demons loathe sinka. The ultimate goal is to survive for four days...

What is the reward, you may wonder? The Master Swordsmith is expecting you. A promise to make, good riddance to all Demons.

Attendees: Demon Slayers
Tone: Final Selection, Demon Slaying, Pledging, Sword Crafting
Risk: Up to the DM we love risk though.
Reward: Dead Demons hehe...
Dm: Searching

RE: A demon slayer & his sword. - Sachiko - 04-29-2022

Still searching for the demons. Smile
(Need a dm please.)