SachikoA Celestial Blessing.
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Your father, Osrona's priest, A Galamean rhoynur and member of Clan Ilian.
There are many happy memories from your childhood that stick with you, such as running around the Chapel and spending many nights on the front bench of our home gazing at the stars. The stories your father has told you about the constellation of the stars and former fighters, from Galamea to his first Sensei, Phalanx Landrake, to the High Keeper who would transform his life, Sting. The constant study of the Codex and Hand-to-Hand combat was taught from an early age, albeit whether you would pursue it and pick up on it is left for time to tell.

With his numerous good deeds, such as slaying a dragon, purging many occultists, and lending a helping hand throughout Osrona and Galamea, and becoming a battle hero in multiple scenarios, the divines have blessed your father with celestial energies ascending to him. A highly righteous man who is also very funny!

You were always cherished and spoiled, and you were accompanied everywhere by Andriel, who acted as a strong father figure.


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Your mother, a devoted wife, a Galamean rhoynur with a penchant for the shadows.

You have just as many good memories with your mother as you do with your father! Vanessa is the more outgoing and less strict of the parents, and you can't count how many wild escapades she has taken you on. Always at home working in the basement or following your father around to make sure he wasn't dying in battle.

Being the wisest of your parents, your mother is the one who created the wealth we live in, even purchasing the property we live in! What would we do if she didn't exist?


- Playable 1904 A.C.
- You were born within Osrona.
- The church played a big role growing up. Totally up to you if wish to join.
- A lot of Unique's to handout, though they'll be earned and found out upon ICLY.
- Money isn't an issue you come from a wealthy family.
- You're a full-blood Rhoynur.
- Gold eyes, Red/Black/Blonde hair up to you which out of the three you pick.
- Ventured back and forth from Osrona to Galamea.
- Attuned to cosmic first born.
-Two or Three kids spawn at 13.
-Last name is Osrila.
-You have a older Brother Vesemir The Black Sheep.
If interested, please DM (Dontyoudaresmile#2358)
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