RingoKingDingoLooking For Work! Hire Me So I Can I have Money!
Posters began appearing in major settlements across Esshar ... And even pinned to trees and rocks in various areas of the wilderness.
[Image: a3df655d2f063f1ca7d84ecae75b9b3b.jpg]
[b]This is for anyone and Hel everyone that needs stuff done big'n'small![/b]
[b][i]I'm takin jobs for people to do anything ya need.  Need a letter delivered? Call me!  Need some work done around the house? Call me!  Travelin and need an escort or some company?  Call me!  Someone been pissin ya off and need someone to throw sand in their eyes?  ESPECIALLY call me for that!  Got pocket sand on deck![/b][/i]

Prices vary depending how bored I am at the time so try yer luck! Ya might get a cool discount or somethin!

To talk about stuff send me a letter! 

-Danny Vaygo
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"Quick as a crystal bullet were they. A child who delivered upon my request quickly and promptly. Kept his nose out of the execution and awaited until I could give them my focus. Certainly, a worthwhile investment in coinage."
- A Satisfied Patron.
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It's true what they say! The boy is as quick as a crystal bullet, A highly delighted priest known as Andriel, The Celestial Magus, stands in front of a shimmering Chapel.  That is, the Chapel.

"This is the guy for anyone who is overworked or doesn't have enough free time! I recommend it for everything from cleaning to doing errands! It was money well spent. What a lovely young man! May the stars continue to lead him on his way!"
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I may be have lost the majority of the cash in my possession, but I managed to keep my son! He's a trustworthy guy, willing to step in and help out a city in need of their warrior- and very timely, too! If you need something done and don't have the time to do it yourself, send him a message ASAP!
- Iwenia Hafvik
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