SachikoThe Purge
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"A whisper creeps through the night of Esshar, and every pub and local inn seems to be gossiping about it, reaching all the way from the highest mountains to the lowest parts of Esshar."

I know I'll meet my end one day. Somewhere in the sky above, sitting on a lone star; those I fight, I notice hatred, those I protect, is it truly love? The truth is now being revealed, and the tale is being told. Crying eyes, secret falsehoods, and far too many farewells. How many men have I lost? There are too many to count... and there will be many more. But now it's forever, just like before. But is it any different now? I've shut the door, sorry is only a word, and now the memories will blend.
I stand in the middle of this abandoned realm, with the constellation looking over me, ready to purge every last occultist who emerges from concealment and faces the fist of justice.
Emerson, surely you can connect to a gleam above the bog, shimmering shaped like someone you love and lost? A calling, a reckoning, a whisper that sounds like, "I love you..." Something along the lines of, "How could you?"
Then there's Sting, where I've let you down in days full of sighs and hollow why's. The sapphire ocean calms me, and the chilling mist mingles with my tears. Will o' the wisp drags me deeper and deeper into regret, a swamp of hopeful delusion, or possibly frantic confusion? Muddled, jumbled, coiled dreams that a premature end is not what it appears...
Veero Is this the curse you've bestowed upon me? Is this what you meant when you said I'd suffer...
Thou shall hide no more.
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Whispered words reached the far corners of Esshar, finding their way unto ears that were annoyed. A name had been in the mouths of others, it forced a hand to put something onto paper. A group of afflicted Wasps were dispatched from the Dreadwoods carrying with them a note, one that was sent directly to the man these whispers had been coming from.
Quote:"Andriel the Whisperer,

It has come to my attention that you are using a dead name of a fallen, as of late it has been bothersome to walk among the fractured landscape and be reminded of the annoyances that come with existing in this realm so I will change this. So many of your kind are tempted to stand in the way, to bother us while we seek out the work. I heard the rumors and so I offer you an opportunity to face the Highest Echelon of power, to be humbled by the apex of all races.
You call yourself Justice, yet you cannot even see the truth behind the fog that they have forced over your eyes. Embrace this message with the known fact, that I am going to be making my way to you. Meet me South of your precious quarry, I offer a chance to make an attempt to remove your worlds greatest conceivable evil.
Prove that you are willing to do more than whisper faux words into the ears of illusions. Show me you are more than whispers, that you deserve to live in this world, I will show you and the rest of this country why they are going to fear walking through the woods as I eclipse the sky in starfire as your bones turn into ash.
I expect to see you soon.
The one and only King of the Faeries,
Yellow Jacket"
Settings: Deadly Cap 6
Location: South of Quarry
Date: TBD
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"The march had begun with a lone Celestial Magus lighting up the night, leaving the shimmering walls alone with only the stars to watch over him."
Date: April 3rd / 4pm EST
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the above will be postponed to a later date.
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