Infrastructure has been properly set up.
The Demon Slayers (E-Division) have been connected to a world-wide net around the world.
The hunt is on.

[Image: demon_hunter_poster.png]

Demons deserve no mercy.

  1. Only Demon Slayers and associates can accept these postings.
  2. For anyone wanting to get involved with the Demon Slayers, contact Seraphina/Kale.
  3. Every Demon Hunter event runs the risk of serious injury/dismemberment. There are consequences for failure- such is the nature of demons.
  4. Demon Hunter quests can be posted by any DM with a heads-up given to Kale.
  5. A squad will be assigned to complete the hunt. If you can't find a squad and would like to participate, feel free to still submit your name for entry.
  6. Rules may be altered as time goes on.
  7. If any demons would like to risk their character on one of these hunts in exchange for equivalent reward upon victory, something may be arranged.
[Image: Onqklyw.png]

"Oh gosh, oh geez, giant wolves won't stop slaughtering our farmers and our cows, won't someone help?"
Quote:Recommended attendees: 3-5
Rewards: Dev mats, and meat prices won't go up.
Risk: Dangerous.
When can this be ran? Wednesday-Friday of next week.
Demon: Bad Dog!
Hunter on task: Ten Ino
Faction/Settlement: Demon Slayers
Participants: Reynaud, Auriel, +2?? (Any other 2 demon slayer up to the task.)
Average RPL: 180-200
Additional Information: "The Strong Should Aid And Protect The Weak..." - ???
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