SachikoThoughts of a Demon Slayer
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Nothing perfect exists outside of a fairytale or one's imagination. Some people regard it as a way of life. Perhaps infatuation with the prospect of reaching such a level.
But then I wonder what the genuine meaning is. The ultimate goal. I'm still standing on the cliffs of Moxtli, drenched in its blood...
Is this what we call perfection? Horrible pictures of a soul that has endured long enough cloud the mind, and one less devil to worry about, the balance of life;
We take pleasure in exceeding our grasp on something we know will ultimately be unattainable. In other words, till I meet my demise it's only a matter of time. The age of the Demon's being eradicated is inevitable.
...There was the sound of steps crunching against the grass.
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Get up!
No, your weak.
Is this how far you'll come?

Demon slayer...
Another slipping your grasp.


Just die.
Help me.

Days pass... They say that for weeks, not a single sound of the Demon Slayer is heard, but when one gets close to the training grounds, the noises of intensive training may be heard.

Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight.
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People are afraid of their demons, but I'm making friends with mine. These tendrils continue to pierce my skin.
The voices... Screams and hammering.
Them eyes they're always watching.
I may have twisted the truth, but I never lie. Perhaps I'm already dead within. These monsters...    
My personal problems are being set aside because this has become personal. We had a strategy and a future. They dragged you away from this world.
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A frigid heart that is just getting colder. I'm pleading for aid, but maybe I'm not loud enough. Despite the fact that vengeance is best served cold.
  It's not over yet Finely... I promise.
I told you my life would always be in debt....
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