The YokerThe Dark History (Updated!)
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"Long have we beheld deceit and believed it foolishly.

Esshar, torn asunder by war found nought but regression and stagnation;

I seek change, I seek truth, I seek progress,

For Esshar.

You deserve to understand what they have erased from your memories.

Follow me into the depths of their lies and claim your rightful future.

Claim your rightful happiness and freedom from the divines."

~ Tut a'Mun Ahriman, The Young Master

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"The celestials have deceived us."
The faith has reveled in their one-sided narrative, but that might soon come to an end. Tut explores the northern plains, only to find a vault buried underneath the soil. Lachrymal had led him to a darkness that resided within, but what would it mean to enter? Behind the gargantuan, metallic door bejeweled with golden runes stands a threat that the young master did not yet understand.

"This sacrifice must be made for mankind."

Returning days thereafter with a court of accomplices, the young master is to penetrate the gate shielding entrants from the secrets that lie within. It is therein, that he and those that accompany him in this daring expedition come to realize that they have entered a prison of ancient history. Esshar, within the grasp of the empire, had been led astray in return for prosperity.

"The history of the ruined is hidden underneath."

Golems and other artificial constructs, empowered by holy magics, protect these dark relics of ancient history hidden underneath the earth. Aeschylus, the vault of shame, will be victorious in its finality or be revealed in all its shame for the country to behold. What will happen through this revelation, only the divines shall be aware of.

"Further into the depths of their lies shall we find the truth."
Music Theme: Keep Your Faith
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Character: Tut a'Mun Ahriman
Key: The Yoker
Contact (If interested): Juliaan#8855

Attendees: Those that are approached by the young master for this endeavor.
Confirmed Attendees: Tut a'Mun, Yume (Nicknamed), Agni (Nicknamed).

Risk: Chance of Death (180+ Roleplaying-Level)
Tone: Revelatory, historical, religious, enlightening, preordained and tragic.
Rewards: Death-related amulet artifact; Golem-related development items; Other (broken) relics and materials from the vault.
Dungeon Master: Braindead Monkey.
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The Young Master
I'd love to DM for this if possible!
(07-09-2020, 05:16 AM)AxxHellboundxxA Wrote: I'd love to DM for this if possible!

I don't mind having you on as the DM (if the administrators find it passable to have this event be DM'd by you). Let's have a good time. Smile
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The Young Master
The woman calling herself Yume will accompany the Young Master for the truth.
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A figure bathed in flame joins, quickstep to this ordeal.
Note to everyone reading this: Anyone can be approached for this event. This event is meant to introduce a moral reason for there to be evil and therefore, is meant to change the dynamic of each faction on a country-wide scale. This is also the introduction to a faction led by the young master (the court). If you want to have a scene and are interested in this event, you can contact me on the supplied discord; Juliaan#8855.
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The Young Master
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