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Strength is to be respected, but choosing to place strength above merit is heresy. A powerful fool is still a fool. A strong coward is still a coward.

An often overlooked tenet, yet it still stands to this day. It's with this idea in mind that the Ebonblooded's newest Herald has an announcement to make, and an exciting proposition for the Acolytes and Black Priests that are rising with their heads held high:

"A tournament to designate a winner amongst the newest generation. To find out whose strength
is to be respected, and to find out if they have the merit to stand up to the test of
time. This isn't an ordinary tournament, as the prizes are special.

From my own hoard, even.
Yet the Grand Prize is something even grander...

A personally designed item using the Dragonforge, by yours truly.
You'll need to provide the materials, of course, but the day will be yours.

This is only for the Ebonblooded, so those who think to join in the hopes of winning? Don't even bother."

Date: Saturday, 4/30
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hi for those who didn't hear, i postponed this to Sunday (tomorrow!) because I woke up 15 minutes before the raid due to exhaustion from work.

6pm, sunday.
be there, be square.
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The tournament has concluded, with a clear victor as well as a new Dragoon within the Coat.

First Place & Grand Prize Winner:
Ozias Vartuul

Second Place:

Third Place:
Perfektzia Svarovsky

In addition the the prizes handed out at the end of the tournament, the Herald has
directly promoted Ozias to Dragoon in order to further help lead the Ebonblooded to greatness.
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