RaffileThe Shark Expedition!
[Image: shark-riding-a-boat-sailor_gg66165483.jpg]
The crew had gathered, and spoken about many different things. They have been coming up with a lot of coin and nearly have enough for a great big as they intend! However! Their mantle as fishermen need to be tested first. Captain Cide has spoken with many and currently has assess to a small fishing vessel, he intends to take his crew out to sea to test their limitations against one of the greatest predators known to the sea....

Attendees: Braad Cide and the Crimson Oni Crew! (So probably +6/7 others)
Risk: Yes
Tone: Fishing!, Sailor, Light Hearted fun!
Reward: Shark Related Dev Items! (Cool water theme'd and stuff like that)
Discord: Brandon Hlaalu#4857
OOC Notes: First of many fishing related quests the Crimson Oni Crew intends to do! [/b]
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