eevBlossoming Hope
[Image: unknown.png]

A pull upon their very soul. None more forceful than a motherly tug.
Y'ggdrasil's sapling breaks its shell at last.

Countless rituals, sacrifices of artifacts, soils and waters of the Spirit Realm.
All for this moment.

"Wake up, children of the Lifestream."
"For we have strayed too far from thine guidance."

"Where sibling eats another, where children lay abandoned."
"This realm needs you."

"Come to me."

[Image: unknown.png]

"Come, and let us mend every branch broken beneath the wicked's feet."


- Are a spawn of Y'ggdrasil, the Tree of Life.
- Three slots for Fairy, two for Ent spawns.
- You will receive custom sprites for your character.
- Ents will spawn with a Master Stance unlocked and at RPL 180 (if not 190 standard). With human form unlock after about two weeks of activity.
- Fairies will spawn with the Blessing skill and RPL 180.
- Will spawn at the time of next Y'ggdrasil Public Event, probably within next week.

Message Eve#1315 for questions!
A great number of great people have applied, thank you for the interest!

If you've not been chosen, do consider making a character yourself and joining us still!
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