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In the creation of the world, the natural energy residing in the lifestream gave birth to the divine spirits, which heralded over creation, one of which was the White Wolf, Asena. She is the avatar of spring and creation, and her counterpart, the Black Wolf, Saekanis, is the spirit of winter and destruction.

Asena's blessing manifests in her children, giving them affinities with the natural elements of nature and animal features. This can sometimes include heightened senses, or naturally sharper claws... Though, some beastkin are known to originate from other deities.

Skill Tree (OOC)

All Beastkin get a 5 RPP reduction on their species' attunement.

Ookami is Air. Lapine is Earth. Kitsune is Fire. Razuka is Bio. Felinae is Cosmic. Bat is Shadow and Sound.

Feral Swipes: A low cooldown, low range strike for medium damage.

Wild Nature: A 3 second speed boost followed by 10 seconds of bonus AP.


Sporting wolf-like features, such as wolf ears and a tail, the Ookami are considered to be the true children of Asena. They hail from the wild itself, often living in forests, or areas like Myllenoris, where nature thrives. Ookami have a natural affinity with the air aspect from birth, but also make powerful, agile melee fighters. The Ookami's defining trait is loyalty, whether it be to a person, a group, or Asena.


The Lapine are a rabbit-like people, sporting tall ears atop their head and a bushy tail. They originate from the woodlands, and the meadows, and the jungles of Esshar, and have a natural affinity with earth magic. They are a rare sight in counterpart to their cousin the Ookami, said to be rather reclusive in contrast.


Their origin is entirely unknown - a ghastly experiment that went wrong or perhaps a clan of beastkin that had been exposed to the sewers for far too long, the Razuka are a race of rat-like people. Their affinities lie in water magic, primarily blood magic. Razuka are typically known to be cut-throat and ruthless to people that are not their own, and greedy.


Originating from Sheng, the Kitsune are a race of fox-like people that hail from the divine spirit Jiuweihu, and wield fire magic primarily. Many cling to the religion of the Illumnated, though it is scarce in Esshar in comparison to their homeland. Said to inherit Jiuweihu's wit in the heat of the great battle centuries ago, they are sly and witty if anything. Kitsune have no particular area, and instead are found nearly everywhere in Esshar.


Said to be the product of great, celestial magic, the Felinae are a race of cat-like people born from the spirit Leonaus. Created, originally, as familiars in order to translate an ancient grimoire for humans, they stole the power for it was too great for humans to handle... Felinae have a natural ties to Cosmic Magic, and can be found in every corner of the continent alike Kitsune.


Though all Beastkin cultures are different, rarely do they deny their ties to their divine spirit or nature themselves. Some beastkin are often discriminated for being 'impure' humans and it is not atypical for them to lash out, though some types of beastkin may be