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A mixed group of demons, commonly resembling leather-skinned imps.

Largely considered the most dangerous of all magical beasts, demons are monstrous creatures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically spawning as horned, leather-skinned imps, they develop through a phase of evolutionary stages and their physiology adapts according (save for some universally shared characteristics).

In the wilds, demons are born into an extremely hostile environment where their instinct is to devour mana rich flesh to grow (often even cannibalizing their own kin). Within Meranthe they currently control the stronghold of Abendrot in the south-west.

Evolution Grade[edit]

Through the assimilation of raw power, Demons are able to evolve and grow into new forms. They consume power primarily through acts of cannibalism, devouring their own kind to expand their magical capacity. Only occult based mana is desired, with standard humans often only killed as they're an obstacle or a threat.

They do not absorb directly from the soul but the mana of the flesh. Demons are forever driven by this need to grow, though less so in their later stages where they gain more individualized personas. As they progress along the evolutionary ladder, they gradually begin to control their deadly impulses and can even repress them entirely if need be. But even the most powerful and wise of Demons can fall to bloodlust in the right circumstances.

Lesser demons typically hunt in packs from conception, born into the same clan.

Lesser (Level 0 - 140)- The lessers of Demon kind are mindless brutes who only seek to grow. They are unable to communicate effectively, even with their own kind. A single Lesser is capable of mauling an average magi if caught off guard. In swarms, they're capable of killing several trained warriors, and often organize into rabid packs.

Mega (Level 140 - 170)- A Demon's second stage of life. They are significantly stronger and capable of communicating with other Demon through telepathy, and humans with some difficulty. Their intelligence is akin to the smarter of the animal kingdom, whom take advantage of the dark, camouflage, stealth, etc. The average trained, mage warrior is able to dispatch one after a good fight.

Giga (Level 170 - 200) - A Demon's third stage of life; they are far stronger and begin to develop the ability to take Demons under their arms and command them. At this stage, Demons gains sentience and begin to develop a very admirable intelligence, on the level of an adult human. It takes a few dozen non-magi warriors to fell a Greater Demon. The average magi is able to take one on in single combat, though may struggle to win.

Elemental (Level 200 - 210) - Elementals come in the form of Infernus (Fire), Aquarius (Water), Zeus (Lightning), Terrus (Earth), Ventus (Wind), and Erebus (Ether). The element they choose is entirely up to the Demon; they retain prowess of this element for the rest of their life. At this stage, a Demon begins to develop their spiritual capacity, and master the art of telepathy. Their influence over inferior Demons becomes absolute. It can take several if not more above average Magi to defeat this advanced form of Demon.

A lone kaor brooding over a cliffside.

Kaor Demon (Level 210+) - The 'ultimate' form a Demon is capable of achieving. A Kaor Demon boasts tremendous strength, intelligence, knowledge, and magical power - usually these Demons have lived for at least a century beforehand. Single Kaor Demon have been known to plow through small forces on their own with their sheer strength and power. It takes a highly accomplished magi to take on a Kaor Demon, though their power varies more than any other Demon class.

Imperfect Demon (???) - Imperfects are an extremely rare and dangerous mutation of Kaor, only achievable through mastery of darkness and a bounty of incredible power. This stage is the last prior to absolute Perfection. Though they are considered a further step up the evolutionary ladder, they are simply an extension of the Kaor form and a result of a series of mutations that occur in the presence of immense power. Ascended Kaor have been known to create weapons with their sheer magic alone. They possess a myriad of other techniques and abilities which are not widely known - there have been only a handful in existence at any one time. Imperfect Demons have been known to single-handedly decimate entire legions. Only magi of the highest calibur have been able to fell an Imperfect, and very rarely alone.

Perfect Demon (???) - The final form in a Demon's life, only possible with the complete mastery over darkness. Since Eternia's beginning, the number of Perfect Demons is believed to be in the low single digits, and all known scenarios were calamities. The ascension of a Perfect Demon is considered, by many, a "doomsday scenario" in which all hope is lost.

Mind Control[edit]

Mind control, otherwise known as "Enthrallment" or "Indoctrination" is a power that especially talented and developed Demons are able to employ to control the wills of other Demons and, to an extent, groups of humans. Upon reaching the Giga stage, a Demon is able to extend this natural influence to inferior Demons. By the time a Demon is a Kaor it is able to control a small force of its less-powerful kin.

It is not until the Imperfect stage that this ability begins to develop to its full potential. An imperfect is capable of inflicting temporary rot to an individual's mind, allowing brief control over their will and their body if said individual attempts to resist it. Occultists are more vulnerable to this manipulation than others; their minds react far more intensely to the control than normal humans. Some Demons have been known to create deals in which a human voluntarily surrenders their mind in exchange for power.

A Demon at the doorstep of Perfection is a master of the art of enthrallment. They are able to quickly subdue the minds of large groups of humans and demons effortlessly, able to take control of significant portions of invading armies and use them to fight on their side.


Demons heal at a much quicker pace than most other races. At the Imperfect levels deep wounds may vanish within seconds if given the opportunity. Prior to this it is restricted to minor injuries and can take minutes, hours, or days depending on the severity of the infliction.

Cambion Creation[edit]

A kaor-class Demon is able to create a Cambion through a ritual where the Demon allows the subject to feast on their flesh, and the occult-rich blood. This sends the subject into a deathly fever where they may live or die. If they survive it and a link is formed with the Demon, then they will be forever changed, taking on demonic characteristics.

Cambion are near infertile, but occasionally do manage to reproduce. Their bloodline is cursed with the traits of their race rather than what they were prior. The demon clans of Cambion are small in number due to this.

Interactions with humans[edit]

The vast majority of humans generally avoid contact with Demons, and they have been commonly considered kill-on-sight targets. Most Demons tend to avoid associating with humans and meddle with their businesses, but can be considered unpredictable. Some Demons are hellbent on establishing control, reign over, or to annihilate humanity as a whole. Such Demons are the alpha of their kind, and usually rise to become leaders and potential candidates of Imperfection.

Occultists have been known to seek out dealings with Demons in order to further their own ends, as well as those wishing to learn the dark art in the first place. This has ranged from instruction in occult magic, to alliances against a common enemy. Payment varies, but is most commonly provided in the form of mana and/or service.

It should be known that Demons are generally not known to be trustworthy.

Lore notes[edit]

  • The blood of Demons is purple in nature, and due to their Occultic mana being the most potent here, may potentially be hazardous to consume.
  • Demons that lack proficiency in Occult Magic may fail to reach Imperfect stages and beyond. While rare, some Demons have been known to take on other affinities, at the cost of stunted growth. Their behaviour may also differ from their kin and be considered outcasts.
  • The distinctive difference between humanity and demonkind is the latter's predatory instincts. They're an intelligent, highly capable species who feel very little, if any, empathy and act out of self-interest. This makes them a natural threat as a rival species. Their nature embodies the destructive aspects of the Occult.
  • Demons breed asexually. They regurgitate clutches of occultic eggs through their mouths. Demon eggs hatch within 1-3 months of time.
  • Custom sprites are possible, and can be requested at Kaor-level if you have something appropriate that has been set up.

Demon Player Characters[edit]

Demon player characters are available via random slot openings and must be applied for. Check the Discord announcements for news and the latest updates on when these character slots become available!

Imperfect - OOC[edit]

The evolution to Imperfect is granted via an accepted application for outstanding development, and involves the following at a minimum:

- The forging of a kaorblade: +7 ele pow/def, +3 occult pow/def, +40 power (pre-enchant)

- Race change from Demon to ImperfectDemon to equip gear (demon spells are kept, just not the passive stats/ele powdef). Food can also be ate.

- 'Kaor Form' for group battles only, best for taking on multiple opponents (+100 Vitality, +100 Power).

Occult Mind Control[edit]

As harbingers of Occult Magic, almost all Occultists are vulnerable to these ascended Demons. The only exceptions are Occultists that have mastered Death Magic or gained true self-control through Nullification, as they are able to resist fully (though will still be effected by it, just not controlled unless they give in). Both of these are high grade Signatures and require exemplary story arcs from start to finish.

Occultists may also find themselves drawn to these ascended Demons, as they are focus points of the magic they're attuned to, often revering and following them of their own accord given the status as great bastions of power.

Regardless of loyalties, an Imperfect can subject an Occultist (including Kaor Demons and below) to their influence. This lasts for the duration of a full scene and is commanded through an order, either telepathy or vocalized, with obvious visual cues given the corrupt mana flows from the Imperfect to the target. For example, "I feel the beast within you wanting to be free; I command it to take over. Become my warrior of darkness. Strike down [name]."

Orders that forsake self-preservation, such as "Take your life." may not be as effective, however, though should still be written out (survival can be flavored as desired for the sake of fun).

The target may follow the will of the ascended Demon or they may resist. If choosing to resist, a resistance roll is enacted based on level (unless they have Nullification or Death Magic Aura, which allows full resistance). This roll occur after full roleplays by either party rather than silent with no post cue.

Cannot resist below LVL 200 as an Occultist given their inexperience in this dangerous art and how influential it is over their emotions.

LVL 200 or above: /random 1 100 - Must score 90 or higher to resist.

LVL 210 or above: /random 1 100 - Must score 70 or higher to resist.

LVL 215 or above: /random 1 100 - Must score 50 or higher to resist.

LVL 220 or above: /random 1 100 - Must score 25 or higher to resist.


  • Even if a Cambion lacks the Occult, they are susceptible to the will of an ascended Demon given the finer details of their physiology.
  • Only one 'full command' may be issued in a scene (such as attack someone). If this concludes and another command is issued, then another attempt at resistance may occur, if desired (for plot reasons, can do otherwise depending on preference).
  • Another example of a command that forsakes self-preservation would be, 'Pass me your weapon.' or 'Be binded by this anti-magic collar.' An Occultist under the influence is effectively rabid and would not be subjected to submission, though they might be reluctantly ordered to kneel or a more mundane task so long as it doesn't directly endanger them.
  • Enthrallment is possible over the long-term, but is agreed to via OOC consent / the development of the plot. It can be broken free of (again, an OOC decision) depending on preferences.
  • A 'widespread command' is possible. For example, multiple Occultists in the area, and the ascended Demon gives them all the same command: 'Join at my side and let the black seed in your hearts fester.' Rather than individualizing each message (though depends on preference). They do so by amplifying their Occult Aura and overpowering those nearby through the magical force that further weakens the lack of self-control Occultists have.