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"And, of course, he created mankind in the image of angels, but to be our betters, with a beginning and an end. The gift of mortality, and the boundless potential for greatness." - High Angel Malziel

Humans are the primary inhabitants of Eternia, created by the Archangel Kraus to populate the new world. Humans are blessed with free spirits and the ability to practice and master the gift of Magic. The term Human has become analogous to those lacking any "cursed" or "mutated" blood, such as the Drakanites and Beastkin, all of whom originated from humanity.

Humans have been revered as unpredictable creatures of awesome potential by many, having built many great kingdoms across the world. They populate and rule much of the world, from the western coasts of Brittania to the Continent of Aegis to the east, and of course, Esshar.


Humanity originated in the Mythical Era, as the first mortal race following the creation of world where the Divine Spirits shaped the land, sea, and stars. The Angels appeared to carry out the will of the Creator to deliver life unto the world and give rise to the planet's inheritors, humanity. Where the Divine Spirits had created the world, the Angels would plant the seeds that blossomed within the fabled guardian of Eden and populated the bountiful region with many humans. Animals and insects soon followed, as well as the children of the Divine Spirits, the Primordials.

During these early years, humanity walked alongside the spirits, where magic was in full bloom and the world was still stabilizing. The spirit realm was, at this time, a tangible part of the physical world, but it was gradually drifting away. Most of the earliest interactions are lost to the ages, but it is believed that some of the Primordials disapproved of humanity's role as guardians of Eternia. Others were seen as idols and even worshipped.

Over time, the netherworld became its own dimension, the place after death, and the physical plane was truly the realm of humanity. The first great civilization, Astya, was even built upon the fertile lands of Eden.


All humans (and indeed most sub-humans) share a similar physiology: one head, two arms, two legs. The body is composed of both spiritual and physical aspects, the physical ones being common organs and limbs. The spiritual aspect of the human body is composed of what is known as the Magical Circuit or Spiritual Circuit, an invisible structure that exists all around the body with the sole purpose of circulating mana. This circuit behaves in a similar manner to that of the cardiovascular system, delivering Mana to where it is needed. It is also linked directly to the Brain, which regulates thought, memories, and personality. The brain is thought to serve as a spiritual "tether", and one of three Points of Convergence, linking a human's Soul to their body. Thus, when the brain is destroyed or ceases function, both the spiritual tether and mana source are severed and the human is considered dead. For not only does a human need a soul to be considered alive, they also need mana - as does all life.

The Magical Circuit is interconnected with the Endocrine System, which regulates the body's hormones. When a person consciously (or Symbolically through emotion) channels mana through their body, it has the effect of amplifying the physical potential. If trained and mastered, a human is capable of using mana concentration to double or even ten-fold their natural strength and agility in short bursts.


Humanity is diverse, with skin tones ranging from light and pale, to extremely dark, hair varying with different colors both natural and artifical and eyes with a variety of hues. Bright, unusual hair color tends to only show in those who were born magically gifted, though it's by no means a sign of talent.

Ethnicity can be broadly categorized based on the following origins:

  • Brittanian: To the far west of the world, several countries are identified as Brittanian, and Astya (before its destruction) was one of them. They have pale skin, typically brown, blonde, or black hair. This ethnicity is common in most places in the world, especially Esshar.
  • Essharan: Native Essharans that do not descend from Astya have olive-toned skin due to the tropical climate. They are slim and slightly above average height, with black wavy hair as dark as the night.
  • Gehennan: Descendants of Gehenna are typically dark-skinned and tall.
  • Sheng: The people of Sheng are especially pale with nimble figures, deep straight black hair, and sharp eyes.