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See the masteries guide:


Artificer - Masterpiece

Accomplished artificers that pour love into their weapon designs as a crafter and actively add unique items to the world can request a masterpiece recipe, the pinnacle of their talent. These are enchantments that grant a slight buff to the target item with extensive, decade long cooldowns, meaning a master Artificer will only produce so many in a lifetime. You also have to be actively playing the artificer (earned X amount of EXP within the past few weeks) or you won't be able to use the enchantment.

Masterpiece enchantments do not stack (but do upgrade). They also let you change the name, description, and unique tag of the target item.


weapon: 5 power

chest: 3 vitality

10 year cooldown


weapon: 8 power

chest: 5 vitality

15 year cooldown


weapon: 12 power

chest: 7 vitality

20 year cooldown

Artificer - Item Modifications

These are modifier passives that can be applied to items, though are by no means necessary and are taken into account with the item's base stats.

Additionally, 'Attack Gems' (E spells) can be customized to use any spell in the game.

Long Dash: Increases dash distance (space key) by 1 tile

Blessed: When the player is inflicted with a temporary injury, the duration is halved

Cursed: When the player is inflicted with a temporary injury, the duration is doubled

Wrath: The injury and capture roll is reduced by 1 for both combatants at the end of a battle, and this is noted in the message

Juggernaut: The player cannot dash, but they're immune to knockback debuff

Sprint: On dash, instead of dashing the player gains 1 movement speed for 2s

Invisibility: Player has a 200 alpha applied for 2s when they dash

Bleed: Physical damage has a 5% chance to deal 3 stacks of bleed

Blunt: Physical damage has a 5% chance to apply a 1s slow

Critical: Critical damage is increased from its current amount (50%) to 60%


This is the ability to heal temporary injuries and reduce their total time. Medic costs 1000 energy and reduces the injury duration by 50%; can be used multiple times on the same temporary injury.


Classes are largely support and utility activities and cost 5 Spell Points to unlock. See the dedicated pages fore lore.


Undeath: Similar to Faith and Essence. If the player has the Necromancer spell, they gain Undeath through the following actions:

- If they deal a permanent injury to another player (1)

- If they harvest a player corpse (5)

- If a player's race is Undead, they gain 1 Undeath every time they complete a Dangerous or Deadly battle.

For both spells, unspent Undeath is reduced by 1 every year.

Raise Undead: Asks you to name your servant. If a player creates a new character with the same name, they're summoned to you and given the Undead race with a sprite/race change to to skeleton. Costs 5 Undeath.

Harvest Undead: Transfers their Undeath pool to your own. Can only be used on the Undead.

Harvest Corpse: Takes 10 minutes to complete with the progress meter and costs 1000 energy, increases Undeath by 5 & harvests the corpse.

Alloy Nyctorre: Requires 1 Arcanium and 5 Undeath, spawns a Nyctorre ore that has the special resource tag enabled for weapons (+10 spellpower, -5 vitality).

Enhance - Zombie: Grants the undead the sturdy passive and changes their sprite to undead1. Must be facing an Undead. Costs 10 Undeath.

Enhance - Champion: Raises the undead's level to 200 if it's below, and grants them the spell Burden. Must be facing an Undead. Costs 10 Undeath, must be used after Zombie.

Undead Uprising: Costs 15 Undeath and 10 spell points to unlock

Death's Door: Must have spent 200 Undeath total or more to purchase the spell. Costs 5 Spell Points to unlock.


Initiate - 5 Spell Points

Prayer: -500 Energy. Grants a temp buff of +5 MANA to the target player for 1 year, cannot stack. +1 Faith

Channel Faith: -500 Energy: Transfer X amount of Faith to a target player that has spell/Priest

Unlock Blessing: Purchases Blessing by spending 10 Faith

Unlock Acolyte: Purchases Priest by spending 15 Faith

Priest - 0 Spell Points

Sanctify: Grants +5 Occult defense to the target for 1 year. Costs 5 Faith

Baptize: Grants the target spell/Initiate by spending 5 of their spell points if they accept, making them an initiate to your Faith. Costs 5 Faith.

Sacred Vow (Weddings, festivals, etc): -500 Energy. While facing an item, lets you change the name, description, and unique tag. +1 Faith

Unlock Radiance: Purchases spell/Radiance by spending 50 Faith. Must have 100 Faith spent total

Radiance - 0 Spell Points

Shoulder Burden: -10 Faith, -1000 Energy. -5 permanent injury to self, unhealable. Counts as prosthetic/arcanium, allowing the player to heal an injury

Restore Vigor: -30 Faith, -1000 Energy. Immunizes the target against age nerf for 1 year.

Anoint Champion: -30 Faith, -1000 Energy. Unlocks spell/ChosenChampion for the target if they accept, for 5 spell points.

Black Magic

Black Magic is focused around the Book of Shadows items. This is a book characters can interact with to sign away their soul, unlock the black arts, etc. It lists the signatures of pactees.

On interacting with the Book of Shadows via left-click, the context menu displays:

Sign Away Soul: Adds character name to a list displayed in the item description. Grants the character the spells Essence Steal, Transfer Essence, and Coven Sabbath on signing, making them an acolyte of black magic. Grants the 'owner' of the book 3 Essence for each new signing.

Essence is gathered via the Coven Sabbath and aggressive+ battles. Witches can transfer Essence among their Coven via the Transfer Essence spell. Witches can unlock abilities through the Book of Shadows (they do not need to be the owner, they just need to interact with the book)

Unlock Hex: 10 Essence. Grants the spell Hex for the associated spell point cost (5). Applies a -10vit temporary nerf to the target and you command them once, attempting to influence them in a certain direction.

Unlock Telepathy: 10 Essence. Grants the spell Telepathy. Allows you to speak into the minds of others.

Unlock Dream Walk: 10 Essence. Grants the spell Dream Walk. Allows you to visit others in their dreams.

Unlock Black Circle: 20 Essence. Grants the spell Black Circle. Allows you to form a summoning pact with others.

Unlock Mask Recipe: 10 Essence. Unlocks Alchemy/mask recipe. Unlocks an Alchemy recipe that can be used for temporary shapeshifting. Lasts a year and lets you set a unique disguise when the potion is brewed.

Unlock Fantasia Recipe: 10 Essence. Unlocks Alchemy/fantasia recipe. Unlocks Fantasia, an addictive drug composed of bottled dreams.

Unlock Charm Recipe: 10 Essence. Unlocks Alchemy/charm recipe. Unlocks Charm, a potion of mind control (requires rare ingredients).

Unlock Lust Recipe: Must spend 10 Essence. Unlocks Alchemy/lust recipe. Unlocks Lust, a potion that induces carnal urges within the drinker (OOC Note: Characters under the age of 18 only experience a mild crush, not sexual infatuation)

Additionally, if the character is the holder of the book: Transfer Book of Shadows: Transfers ownership of the Book of Shadows.

Signature Abilities

These are iconic abilities that might be rewarded for exemplary storytelling. See

Listed is the type of ability (Aura, Attack, Toggle-Buff, etc), the Spell Point (SP) cost, and the Affinity (Magic School). Signatures require 50 Spell Points spent within the associated Magical Classification if a base Affinity (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Energy, Nature, Illusion, Armed, Unarmed) or 40 Spell Points if an advanced specialization within those base affinities.

Keep in mind that the written flavor does not necessarily need to be followed. You are free and encouraged to come up with a unique spin while respecting the overarching lore and source material.

Super Magi

Energy, Holy, Occult (Aura) 10 SP

There are natural limiters to the magical circuit to regulate its flow. A Super Magi can overcome these barriers and assume a form of free flowing ethereal magic; it requires a body that is trained to physical perfection and endurance to sustain this limit breaking state.

Energy Cannon

Energy (Attack) 10 SP

The Void (Wildcard)

(Aura) 10 SP

Of the darkest corners of the cosmos, eldritch entities lay in wake, on the very edge of creation and far beyond even the dim unlight of Helheim. Madness is the defining characteristic of the unfortunate person to come into contact and maintain communion with the energy of the Void. Its thousand eyes manifest through the host.

The Gaze

(Aura) 10 SP An entity overlooks and shares its power with the bearer, typically of the Void or some damned world, peaking beyond the cracks.

Meteor Shower - Attack Celestial Ascension - Toggle Buff Silver Starlight - Aura Dark Guardian - Toggle Buff Devil's Eye - Cast Buff Soul Drain - Attack Death Aura - Aura Ghost Rip - Attack Harmonic Atttunement - Aura Barrier - Attack Valor's Light - Aura Titan of Light - Toggle Buff Thunder King - Aura Helstorm - Aura Holylightning - Aura Godspeed - Cast Buff Supreme Blazing Wave - Attack Supreme Magma Wave - Attack Blast Rush - Attack Glorious Inferno - Toggle Buff Holyflame - Aura Shadowflame - Aura Tsunami - Attack Faeroum Arcana - Aura Lightspeed Rush - Attack Shadow Rush - Attack Spatial Rush - Attack Chronos Eyes - Cast Buff Mighty Blow - Attack Muscle Armor - Aura ULTRASMASH - Attack Nullification - Aura Pandemonium Drive - Toggle Buff Spectral Sight - Toggle Buff Greater Half Shift - Aura Riftmancy/Wayfinding Long-ranged Teleport - Utility Short-Ranged Attack Golemcraft - Summon Runecasting - Cast Buff