SachikoA glimpse into the future.
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Witnesses say the aftermath of a conflict in the east, close on the edges of its border, only left craters and those of downed trees, a terrible tragedy. Occult pervades the area, despite the fact that no corpses were discovered, only the taints of its terrible magic.
Though down the depths of Moxtli, within The Demon Slayer corps, they stated a lone Demon Slayer had this to say while carrying a recognized battle-axe and the head of a mutant known as Light.
Quote:"With the impending march for anyone with a hidden agenda lurking in the shadows. For anyone assisting these Demons, for those who believe they will prevent us from sealing the rift-gate, grasp onto what is left where one has fallen, as many more will follow, and the hunt will begin."
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In the deep dark woods a whisper spreads from monster to monster and in no time at all it reaches the ears of a certain rabbit; loss was no stranger to this beast who'd seen dozens die and failed to save a dozen more, but while normally they were prepared for it it seems the they were especially fond of that old mutant enough to even merit a personalized response. Later that evening as the first stars begin to shine a lone mutilated corpse crudely dressed to resemble the intended recipient makes it's way towards Moxtli pulsing shadows beneath it's skin forcing it to continue it's march long after the body should have failed
It’s intention? Merely to bring Ten-Ino a very strongly worded letter.

Quote:“Do not dare disgrace him with your vague allusions and half-hearted threats; the mutant you slew had a name and it was Light Delarosa. A Knight of the Shadowmire with more honor and integrity than the entirety of you pathetic Demon Hunters put together.

Do not consider him to be just another inconsequential sufferer of your juvenile homicidal urges; where you are just some sad little boy clinging onto the title of Demon Hunter to try to give yourself some worth Light lived an entire lifetime as a fearless warrior, a patient teacher, a caring grandfather and the closest friend I’ll ever have. For ninety years he gave everything he had to his people and asked for nothing in return but to find a glorious end on the battlefield facing a worthy opponent.

Instead he found you.

A cowardly little ambush predator who would desecrate his body, name, and spirit then seek respect you did not earn. You cannot use his fate at your hands to sow fear in us when his life will inspire the generations to come; in his memory we will fight our foes boldly, protect our people unfalteringly, and stand against the entire world if that is what must be done to claim our place in it.
To you he is just another victim but to us, his people, he is now and always will be an Icon.

Meanwhile you? 

You are no different than the messenger now; a dead man walking.
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At the north end of Promethia along the beach at night sits a man on a bench with multiple packs of assorted Alcohols. He welcomes those that wish to sit and talk or just those passing by. But all that come near can here him talking to himself. 
"So light you were the next to go huh? Tried to tell you but you didn't listen to me you stubborn old fool. I am not involved in this war but many of my family is and its painful to watch you all die and get hurt. Yet I hope eventually all of you realize just how stubborn you are and realize this war could have ended if everyone just talked and left prejudice and blind belief behind. All sides have done bad things in this war no one is innocent and any who say they are need to look closer. Attacking people on sight. Destroying Villages. Executing people. The list goes on all involved have done something. This cycle will never end as long as you all are blind to your misdeeds and continue to spout that its for the greater good or revenge. You need to take a long look at what you have done and what you will likely do.
"I will miss you old friend."
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Standing in the heart of Moxtli, the stench of death pervaded the air, and a disfigured body was the source of it. To say it surprised the Demon Slayer would be an exaggeration. The message is plain and clear: living to serve its purpose.
They said a lone bat carried a letter sealed in blood for a very special rabbit despite burning the body to ashes.
Gods envy us, demons portray us because any moment could be our last, and yet every minute is more beautiful for us mortals. You see a dead man walking, I see a corpse that will not give up until his fulfillment is met. I am not afraid of death since I live and die by the sword. I'm sitting in the dark while we march east. Can you hear the stomps?
Do you hear the screams of my warriors? The sound of our blades dragging through the ground. Do you hear the wailing of the fallen soldiers?
This is inevitable, and I'll be the one to bear the load. My journey has only just begun.
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