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  Danger Zone Super Bad Place !!!
Posted by: Cloutio2x - 1 hour ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 327b5be3e6d9d408aea2085a322ce27e0d5f0fb5_hq.png]

The place of no return, an old abandoned factory where combat ready androids were produced in mass. Some say that the lands are cursed, often people go, and never return. The few that do come back are never the same, far away from the lands of Meranthe!!!
Quote:"Whatever she wants I'll get it. Besides, all these dang kids. They need hairs on their chests! Adventure is upon us, family get ready we're going to the danger zone. A place where they don't come back. This is a Loki sanctioned triple S - Classed mission!"

Attendees: Daralis' Family and maybe a friend or two
Risk: DM pick dat
Reward: Robot things and whatever the DM monkey can think up
Themes: Uhhh think punk hazard meets evangelion with a dash of uhhh TTGL and uhm some horror bits i like anime
DM: You know who you are I think

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  On Wings of Steel
Posted by: Spiffspoff - 3 hours ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: Birdhunt.png]
On the borderzone between Aen, and what was once Barsburg lay the arid wasteland where war raged across the lands. Though the desolate junkyards now lay untouched by mortal hands, dangers still lurk within the craters, and pits left behind by weapons unimaginable. 
The task was simple:
Fell one of the still-lumbering synthetic war-machines, and bring home its parts for processing.
The machine in question?
A Donnervogel Titan prototype left behind after the war was over, since re-activated due to circumstance.

Attendees: Audhild-related people, or those who bribe Mei into letting them come along. A max of 8
Risk: High Chance of Death.
Reward: Specifically, the synthetic feathers of the quarry Mei seeks. Other than that, up to the DM's choice.
Themes: Utopia fallen. Bleak wasteland. Technohorrors. Junkyard Warzone. Flesh Is Weak, Try Metal.

When: A Friday, or a Saturday. This is unfortunately not negotiable due to my schedule.
DM: Someone super cute, and or cool. Are you either, or both those things? Then contact spiffspoff on Discord, or post in this thread.

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  Adaira: The Masquerade
Posted by: Heimdalic_Dreams - 4 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

Thin letters of silk-like papyrus, each wrapped around the tiny, fuzzy belly of an equally tiny and fuzzy messenger bat, would find themselves spreading across the whole of Meranthe. 

[Image: bats1.png]

My Dearest Friends,
My Fiercest Opponents,
And Everyone In Between.

It is with no small amount of hope that this letter finds each of you in good health and grander spirits. I find myself putting pen to paper today, to invite each of you to a special event. I, Sinclair D. Adaira, will be hosting another Ball - Much as the one before, it's true. Yet...

This is to be no ordinary dance, filled with mere party favors and the like. This, is to be a Masquerade Ball, meant to bring the whole of this world we share together under one roof, to enjoy the proclivities of life and all in which it has to offer.

As I am sure many of you already know, a masquerade is a sort of... Costume party, wherein guests of all sorts wear masks and suits to better disguise their identities from all others around them. The point of a masquerade, is to create an air of mystery and intrigue, as no one knows who it is they are dancing with, behind the mask they wear. Nor will they, you.

This, I believe, is a rare chance, a potent possibility for all of us to come together, to enjoy each other's company without the lodestone of selfhood holding each of us back, and to enjoy the calm of the rising storm before all hell breaks loose.

I am offering dance lessons to anyone who wishes to attend.

I hope to see as many of you as possible. Please come and join us in the festivities, and help us create an evening of joy and celebration to remember.

Yours in favor,
if not as whole as I once was,
Sinclair D. Adaira,
Baron of once-Blood Rose

[Image: Bats2.png]

The goal of this party is purely for fun - Everyone, and that means EVERYONE is invited to join. 
Dawnstone, Skarnfel, Shoel and Misfortune, doesn't matter so long as you have a mask.
And, for the sake of said fun, when it comes to the party, EVERYONE is retarded
by the fact that no one can recognize anyone who brings a mask. Even if
it's Na'Ria with a tiny domino mask, I ask for everyone to simply
play it off as if it were a rather nice disguise, and nothing
more. There is a meta blanket of obfuscating stupidity 
around all our characters if you decide to join. I
did this so even demons can participate,
witches, people with bounties, 
-everyone-. I just want
people to enjoy

The date and location will be disclosed later, though I think it might be best to wait till after the disguise update on the 6th! 
That way everyone has a mask to play around with, if they so choose, though of course, it CAN just be an IC mask. Makeup 
around the eyes, a sharp suit with a face mask, or just one of those silly eye glasses with the mustache and bobbling eyes. 

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  Concern over uniques as of current time.
Posted by: Detective100 - Today, 09:35 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (13)

I am well aware this may end up as a highly debated topic, but... Let's give it a spin  Blush

So, recently I made an application for a unique weapon after getting the logs and dev mats, which led to this:

Currently, taking ultra quality bonus in consideration, my weapon's stat is this without enchant/pristine:
32 pow, 10 agility, 10 crit. (arcanium gauntlet, ultra rarity bonus added into the power)
The stats approved for the weapon, in comparison:
-5vit, +32pow, +10phys, +10agi, +10crit, +30weight, +2lightningpow (the ultra rarity gone to be added into the power)
So, in total, I get +10 physical and +2 lightning pow, at the cost of -5 vit and +30 power.

Thing is, one of the of the dev mats I used had its own stats to give, blood copper, which gives its own stats.
If you add only that to the arcanium gauntlets, you'll get this:
37 power, 10 agility, 10 agility, 10 crit, 10 weight, +2 ether pow,+2 lightning pow.
So in turn, I get +5 power, +2 lightning/ether pow, at the cost of only 10+ weight.

Keep in mind, this is only a single dev mat that can be added in without all the prior dev roleplay and other materials that have been used.
As of current? Still waiting for the revaluation of the stats with that in mind   Blush

At first, I wanted to consider it a mere happenstance, but then I saw a repeat:

[Image: image.png]

Approved stats: -5 vit, 32+ pow,  10+ crit,  20 weight, +2 bio pow, +1 fire pow (with Wrath modifier that decreases cap rolls by 1 for both sides)

For quick comparison, a simple, common auguria staff's stats are: 32+ pow, 10+ crit, -30 weight, +2 bio pow.
So with this unique, you get +1 fire power, but you lose -5 vit and gain +50 weight.

Thing is, the materials to make an auguria staff were among the recipe for the unique, with a dev mat used.
The reason why I'm stating a dev mat was used? Is this: After the statline was given, the crafter decided to simply make an auguria staff on their own using a golden anvil, while using a dev mat with added stats. The results:
 37 pow (with rarity taken into account), +10 crit, -30 weight, +2 bio pow, +2 Blood Pow

This, is a starkly better version. With a single use of a golden anvil, a dev mat from the auction which costed only 30000, and a single emote to pick out the +sub tree power.

Lastly? I'll like to show the stats of a single unique from the auction to help with the comparison:
[Image: image.png]
The Scissor Blade is a clear improvement compared to other weapons of its type.
Compared to arcanium sword: +7 power, +25 agility/crit, with only -10 in physical which the other stat bonuses more than make up for.
Compared to arcanium gauntlets: +15 agility/crit, 15+ physical. A marked improvement all around, not accounting for rarity.

This in turn, leads me to the issue I noticed: The materials, time, and effort you put in the creation of a unique ends up giving you less results, compared to simply using up dev mats with added stats and mechanically put them into weapons you made - Be they from events, or auctions, or perhaps raid items.

To me, it doesn't seem to quite add up. I am not sure if there is a miscommunication between those who make the dev mats/auctions and those approving uniques or if there is another issue behind the scenes I can't quite spot, but seeing uniques with approved statlines that are more like sidegrades or at worst, downgrades (such as the auguria staff example above), compared to the better statlines you can via mechanical means? It is disheartening.

As of writing this, reevaluations were requested for both items. The first time was left with over a week without an answer, and the other, the one with stats worse than a regular auguria staff? Has been denied.

This is why I'm taking the risk and making this post, as there isn't any other clearly assigned place I can think of to talk about this issue.

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  An Aggressive Response
Posted by: Nailman - Today, 12:16 AM - Forum: In Character - Replies (3)

[Image: Cathars-Crusade-Avacyn-Restored-MtG-Art.jpg]
While the war rages on a different front...

A small offensive is launched. Not bearing the colors of any specific nation or religion, the warriors of the recently-rebranded Aegis, they launch an attack directly through the seas, far away from the war that currently occurs; With the aid of the nations of Dawnstone, Fortune and Final Frontier, they forsake their participation in the defense in order to strike straight at the heart of what matters.

To strike back, and to push the war against their homes; To scorch the earth which they have stepped on.


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Posted by: Mald - Yesterday, 08:10 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: image-removebg-preview.png]
"It's come to my attention that we've lost two commanders within a short period of time, and due to this, we've taken a huge hit overall. 
Their lives were lost due to their own mistakes.
As a member of the Kingsguard, I will not allow us to continue to make the same mistakes.
The King has given out his orders to us, you are all expected to follow.
To the Kingsguard and Scalesguard, if you are caught doing anything unnecessary, you will be punished depending on the severity.
If you don't know about the King's orders, then you are to find me, and I'll provide the information. 
Those interested in joining our guard will be required to speak to me, I am also mentoring any magi capable of utilizing either holy or cosmic mana."
~ Raithe Djulkorren
OOC: scenes yes discord maldcopeshiver

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  oh shit its a smoto
Posted by: SMoto - Yesterday, 05:39 PM - Forum: Dungeon Master - No Replies

Event Preferences: Exploration, weird monster things, things involving mystery and all that investigating stuff... In short? Go crazy, but not too crazy.

Other Notes: I'm relatively new to DMing anything at all in Eternia but I can't say the same to d&d communities! (blame Shadovarn) So I'm willing to push my brain further to get more experience of DM'ing. Also note that I'm only doing night events, meaning 8 PM EST and above due to Malaysian timezone... I'm GMT +8 if anyone's curious.

Are you currently running events, and if so, are you considering player requested events?: Yes, but if you're going to me for events in which is scheduled in times I am not awake, I'm gonna bonk you so hard... >:(

Discord # or best means of contact: Contact me thru discord! Just search up smoto and you'll find it.

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  In The Footsteps Of Caius [Tower]
Posted by: Mimickry - Yesterday, 01:24 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: tao-mu-the-tower.jpg]
In pursuit of Mortyl, one faithful to the Primal of Death seeks to follow in the footsteps of ancient history. Seeking for traces of her influence that had felt absent for so long in proper stations of worship. And where else would one look for the touch of the long-absconded Divine, than the very Tower they made their egress to?

Quote:"O' Lady Death. She who embraces all in their passing. She who calls home soul and spirit. May we find your graces once again. May we witness you one day, just as Caius has."

Attendees: Caligo Thymai + Invitees
Risk: We chasin' Death herself. Bring it.
Tone: Mortyl, Caius, Necromancy, Death, Tower Of Aetius, Lore
Reward: Will be discussed with DM!
DM: Searching!
Contact: Mimic#6062

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  The Anomie of the Nightmare Anew, a Living Hel [Skarnfel v. Aphros]
Posted by: GSM - 09-22-2023, 04:13 AM - Forum: Public Events - Replies (3)

[Image: IMG_4389.webp]

Talks abound of a moot being formed, a grand meeting of all of Meranthe's nations being forced together.
Skarnfel had been a malignant cancer, growing and growing until it could no longer be ignored.
While there was indeed a lull in the activity of the fel legion, it would not last.
The death of Enarath exacerbated the worsening symptoms; with a single casualty, the Demon Lord of the Fel Garden's slaying had worked the horde into an insurmountable frenzy.

To think the demons wouldn't act upon such an impulse while the rest of the world stared it down was a fool's errand.

The abyss began to warble and expand, the Shadowlands and its immediate surroundings overcome with darkness and despair.
Demons would attack more brazenly, almost suicidally, in a rage unseen before.
Undead would be raised by the sheer negative energy in the lands, adding to further tragedies.
Whereas one could assume this was a mere abnormality in their behavior, it would turn out to be anything but.
The skies themselves would blacken as color would be stripped, like flesh from bone.

He who would cast the first stone would aim it at the kin-slayers and hypocrites, one and all.

The demonic legion continued to rise, growing and changing in the Era of Change that Na'Ria had brought.
It was too late for things to quiet down, and innately, they knew this.
Where once the armies of the damned marched to seize the contents of the Aphrosian libraries, now they marched to purge it all in Helflame.
Those undeserving of Knowledge's blessing would be given no quarter.

The Demon King's soft voice graced those in Aphros, the Imperfect tapping the mass mind to awaken all within it, puncturing the mindspace like a nail driven through wood.
Even though the voice was soft, a forgotten wrath is seeped into their tongue, whispers of unnerving truth now serving as a herald to the End.
The End of Aphros was nigh.

"Hear me, sons of man.

You have taken what is mine, with what is merely a pawn upon your board; the Sainted Enclave can be your lapdogs all they wish, under duress of your false justice.
But I know your intentions, and I know your serpents' tongues, awash with gold.

This sin is upon your hands, and it is with this knowledge that I aim to sever them, one and all.
Fetid mortal minds such as yours must be plucked and destroyed, kin-slayer.
I fight on behalf of my Second Death, my beautiful Nightmare, as he prepares his ascension to Sainthood.
Apostles we stand, for we are the strongest of Meranthe;


I will not rest until he awakens again, and if it is by the mass grave that I must supply his fuel, then so be it.
Those of you weak-of-heart, avert thine gaze and flee to the countless other cities where you would be welcomed.

Our goal now is the complete eradication of the Aphrosian scourge upon this land.
There will be no further communication until your mortal ilk are properly rendered harmless, and discarded as little more than an extinct land's species.
I will break the false idols you worship, for it is I who shepherds this world by mine whims.

Be not afraid.

Rejoice, sinners, for your reckoning will come swiftly."
Raid Objective: End Aphros

A single mention further is given.

The voice is continuously carried along psionic bursts of blackening Grey, only to meet a similar instance.
The Oracle would hear the voice of the Demon King, bridled with a fury beyond fury.
Yet, it was righteous; for it was the blessed of Change.

My fellow Heretic, Lirael.
Your god of hypocrisy will be brought to their knees, your false Warden made into a true martyr by mine hand.
If you wish to stop me?
Then face me.

Don't worry.
I will come to you, once more."
Personal Objective: Break the Oracle
Date: TBD

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  Gold and Silver; or, Palade x Edward
Posted by: CupcakeMomo - 09-22-2023, 01:37 AM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: fixed.png]

- Spawn in as of 2083 and 2084. One boy and a girl.

- While the Pylaean faith is the primary path to follow, embracing Alacritas is also an option.
- One of you will have the name "Carnation," irrespective of gender.
- You have the opportunity to learn holy magic. (and our signatures.)
- White or Purple hair, pink or red eyes.
- Get to live in the desert. wow.
- Many more jaw dropping and amazing things that you will find out icly.

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