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  Head in the Clouds
Posted by: BLOX - 7 hours ago - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

[Image: snow_eternia_profile_back_up_dog.png]

[Image: header_for_app.png]

Long ago, a flying machine landed upon the mountains containing a wounded dog.
It has been some years since then, but that same dog has been able to gather allies and resources with the intent of returning to where he came.
To all of the friends he has made, he reaches out, offering any brave adventurers a chance to come with him upon his flying machine.
On the day that the moon is at it's apex, they will all be given a chance to fly towards the stars, and land on the heavens.

The expedition to the Cloud Citadel is underway.

[Image: 90a59606d5bbfcc8b3ec74d1e3d7bf58.png]
I'll be waiting for you, Snow.
So won't you please, please come home...?

This is an INVITE-ONLY event taking place soon for those who have befriended Snow.
If you'd like to be considered, feel free to DM me!

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  The price of a man
Posted by: Inuuna - Yesterday, 11:56 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 432307ac8fa2ca6bc88f18060333762a.jpg]

the scurry of the main square shuffle in menagerie has grown quite busy and impatient after rumours of a specific wich being held up there...

i've heard they have crossed the "oyabun"

i've heard they have taken a man's life

i've heard they have bartered their very soul

did one amongst the shuffle could catch them exchanging gossip...
this very day a young drakanite has taken stance on the podiums, anouncing an auction of the latest prey they have caught.
A witch!
a swirling mass of people dressed in uniform, in the form of black suits have taken over the streets of the tranquile little junction town. they were all here but one purpose, by orders from the oyabun of the doragón company, to make sure the sinner is surely being made an example of.

To the dissapointment of many gathered we are sorry announce that we have found a buyer and the sinner will be left to be dealt with by them, however they have been made an example and paid a gift of repentance!

a woman, said oyabun has told the masses while holding up the witch's severed finger up in the air, the crowd cheered almost as if they lusted the bloody loss of another.

Quote:let this be an example for generations to come, lend us your young un's and we'll make sure they wont stray away from the path of the righteous, honourable and chivalrous! we will be lifting some of our initiational trials for the time being.
do you feel like you could do more to combat the horrid scourges and the sneaky fox the coven is in order to protect this land we've to live and call our own?
hesitate not and enroll in the doragón company today!

 the chairwoman's speech was welcomed by a loud mass of cheers, bringing a tense, revolutionary atmosphere onto town square as the sea of followers might have felt like an invasion to some, however all the uniformed men have appeared to be exceptionally polite towards all around except to one person, the witch in question: volkemorde

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  Into the mines!
Posted by: ~Aoria-sama~ - Yesterday, 07:04 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: AXyHt1q.jpg]
Quote:An abandoned mine-shaft has gotten attention of the locals within Aphros, and Morty has overheard that the reason the mining excavation was stopped was because its miners found something less than ideal at the bottom of its depths. Which means there is an entire area that has yet to be stripped of its worth - so Morty decides to gather a couple of her friends and take a trip inside. What will they find at the bottom?...And the better question, will they survive to tell the tale?
Character:  Morty
Attendees: Like 4-5.
Risk: COD
Theme: I wanna see a fucking man eating mine beast.
Rewards: Rare ores, coin, or crafting materials.
DM: This could be you!

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  Betwixt Flame and Fortune
Posted by: DanteriusAvius - Yesterday, 05:29 AM - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: IMG_0977.jpg?width=326&height=498]
Aurona Caewynn
Queen of Dal'Thala
Magics: Fire/Explosion/Illusion/Shadow
Other Skills: Artificer
[Image: image.png?width=276&height=498]
Camino de Camino
Magics: Air/Tempest/Sound/Armed
  • There are 5 kids in total. Three Faeborne, and Two Human. The Eldest Faeborne has already been chosen.
  • The Eldest Faeborne and Eldest Human can spawn in 2024. Younger Human and middle Faeborne 2025. Youngest Faeborne 2026.
  • To address the elephant in the room. Surrogates. Your Bio Dad/Mom, depending on whether you're Faeborne or Human are NPCs. You've been raised to consider Camino and Aurona as Mom and Dad.
  • The only appreciable difference in expectations between Faeborne and Human children is, the Faeborne children are far more likely to become the Matriarch or Patriarch of the Caewynn Household, along with the responsibility that entails.

    Information about your parents-
    1. Aurona is incredibly busy, between two major research projects, and being the Queen of Dal'Thala, you likely see very little of her.
    2. Emotionally available, is not a good term to apply to Aurona. She will tell you of her pride in you, and in rare moments you might catch the briefest glimmer of a smile, however, her emotional control is extremely rigid.
    3. Most personality traits are fine, but your parents are very much about formality. Whether you like it or not, you have been trained in proper manners. The only trait Aurona herself would go so far as to take special interest in is laziness. She expects ambition in her children, and the drive to be self-motivated.
    4. Camino is the more relaxed of the pair, but in many ways, more of a stickler to the rules of politeness and formality.
    5. Camino has a love of adventure and travel, that while not foreign to Aurona, is likely to have been expressed more through him.
    6. Both hold a deep love of Port Fortune and Aurona has expressed a wish to retire there. With the sigh of a wistful "someday".
  • What do you get?
    1. State Secrets, obviously.

Form is here

DM DanteFalcon#2098 if you have questions or concerns.

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  M&M Enterprises
Posted by: ~Aoria-sama~ - Yesterday, 05:00 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: j3C2USB.jpg]
M&M Enterprises.
Quote:"I've finally done it, I have hit the PEAK of my studies as an Artificer. I'm able to create so many cool things now!
Which means it is probably time to start advertising my services, right?

All I've got is a little hut just west of the Aphros business district, but that's all I need!
Have a cool idea, or items you have no idea what to do with?
Lets turn it into something MAGICAL."
Any and all sales are final and not subject to refunds.
Plastered on trees and random places all over Meranthe, there are posters with the list of goods and prices Morty sells them for.
Weapon and armor prices are through inquiry only.
All requests can be inquired through letter.
ENCHANTS: Lesser:100c Greater:200c Exalted:300c.
SALE: All medical kits are free if provided with material for creation.
[Image: vLn3r1Z.jpg]
(If you're looking for a scene, DM ~Aoria-sama~#8296 on Discord!)

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  A hound's diet
Posted by: sweetchilisauce - 11-27-2022, 09:54 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: b67118b641a91bd7a1515516a5563fd1.png]

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  Life is too short
Posted by: ~Aoria-sama~ - 11-27-2022, 03:24 AM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: T2umv0b.jpg]
Dear Papa,

The world is a lot scarier than you ever made it seem.  Everything you ever taught me about survival, I never thought that I would have to utilize those skills so soon.
You used to love how the flowers would bloom in the spring - taking care of your garden was a sense of pride for you.
I always admired your ability to care and nurture the things and people in your life, and I think about our walks through the forest so often now that I am alone.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming into nature, where flowers bloom so does hope.”

-but Papa, I see the flowers blooming…So where has my hope gone?
 I know I am supposed to keep moving forward, to never give up…But how am I supposed to do that, when I am so scared to start over?
 To allow myself to love the people in my life, and possibly lose everything again? I don’t know if I could handle it.

I don’t think I ever really handled it when I lost you, to begin with.
I won’t be afraid. I can’t. Not anymore.

From now on I will be brave, for you. For them. All of you.

I’ve made friends here in Meranthe, I think. I don’t know if most of them kind of just tolerate me, but..
I know for sure at least one of them cares, and I swore an oath to protect them.
So everyday I will get out there and fight.
For them, and for me.

Life is too short. So short.
So maybe it's time for me to blossom, just like those flowers.

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  Hic Sunt Dracones [Part 1?]
Posted by: Oicha - 11-26-2022, 08:28 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: 4ea7907e0ee67c90b0955b6a0d00dc0e.jpg]
Quote:I've heard tale of a Dragon in some mountainous isles to the south-east of here. I intend to give it an option. Be subjugated, or be fodder for me. Would you join me on this grand hunt?

These great beasts should be thankful. I have come to wake them from their stupor. They lounge and wait for gold to come to them, from foolish adventurers or the peasantry that is blind enough to settle in their territory. I will give them grander purpose. They will serve one way or another, in life or in death. As the voice of the great one Felfyraxes, I bring them closer to their true purpose.

We will rule together, or they will die under my feet. The only use for those too cowardly to emerge from their dens!

Draco enim sum, ignem non timeo!
Character: Volkemorde
Attendees: Brave Hunters
Risk: COD+
Theme: Dragons, Conquering marauders, Subjugation, Battle of wills
Rewards: [DM discretion, depends on outcome.]
DM: Open to discussion contact Oicha#4102

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  A Call of the Night
Posted by: Nerdlord57 - 11-26-2022, 12:34 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: image.png]

"While my fair Lady may seem distant, what she does for us- her Great Work? It is the greatest gift any of the Divine have provided to us."

Word would begin to gently spread of a wandering veiled clergyman who has made his rounds around Meranthe, visiting any town, city, or hamlet that would allow him entry. To those curious, words of the Night Mother and what she provides to the world and the realms beyond is offered. To even fewer, a gentle prayer is offered that seems to give on more confidence and grace as they continue their way unto the night! None seemed to be discriminated against from questioning- and all were welcome to ask about Gala to their heart's content.

For it is the duty of her Faithful to provide wisdom and guidance to those who may seek it.

Rumor has it that would one send a messenger bird out into the night sky to one known as 'Rakesh', it would somehow find it's way to this wandering Priest.

Message Nerdlord57#3717 on Discord or /message Rakesh in game if I'm online to organize a scene if you're interested!

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Posted by: PastaTM - 11-25-2022, 06:00 PM - Forum: Biographies - No Replies

[Image: 4kHRlrq.png]
Click Here for Music

"I can't recall a time in my life when I didn't have you by my side. Then. You scolded me for being too attached, how it is important to have space of your own and for the other."

"Why did you have to go?"

"When I cried. You dried my tears. You told me that it is okay to cry, but you taught me how to become stronger."

"You promised you wouldn't leave me."

"Faith, above all. At least the concept of duty. Another lesson you gave me. To always be dutiful in my work. No matter what."

"Then you tell me I cannot try to save you."

"You taught me of love. To give to others as much as I give to myself."

"I love you. More than you know."

"Your final lesson. Is the hardest. Acceptance, Devotion, Loss, Greif. All important lessons but one I didn't want to accept."

"But I have."

"They took you from me, you said it was a choice. You said it was your very own."

"I'm so tired of losing those I love."

"If you hear my prayers I ask for one final lesson. For one final request."

"Watch over me."

"I swore to you I would never fight for Revenge."

"One day, I will have my justice."

"There will never be a day that goes by that I do not miss you. That I do not wish you could watch me grow up. Your final lesson. Your final gift. I have accepted it all."

"May Athelios judge you fair and true. - I pray in the next life. We meet again."

"I miss you, and I will forever love you."

-Your faithful disciple.

[Image: DcCqV5y.png]

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