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  A Nemean Sermon
Posted by: Jess - 3 hours ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: tuxpi.com.1660050716.jpg]

After weeks of waiting, the promised sermon from Orsa would receive a date.

8/10/2022 6 PM EST at the standing stones where the Moot gathers.

"I am glad I wasn't able to hold this lesson as soon as I originally intended.
Recent events have inspired me to deliver a message I believe needs to be heard,
especially by those who would say they follow Nemea."

"Any who wish to learn of her, or of the Sentinels are free to attend.
I await your arrivals."

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  A Rumbling from the Mountaintops
Posted by: caeso - Today, 02:49 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: 62c1f5cc956f1572190662d502d120a9.jpg?wid...height=285]
In the second Great Moot, the Jarls, Khans, and Shamans of Vdal joined together in rumination and public debate to discuss the stewardship of Grimnir's Empire. It was said to be a night of immense noise and longwinded speeches, spirited shows and pledges of faith. Fifteen men, at it's end, stood with faces bloodied; with news spreading throughout the civilized world of a slew of declarations issued by the Moot. Headed by the dual consuls of Frostspeaker & Flamespeaker: respectively headed by the representatives of Greatclans Whitemane and Folhammar, attended by the Zealots, the Ursidae Boyars & their Nemean Priests, and the Warlord & Jarl of Jotunharl.

It is made known to the general public
 that war has been declared with a single stipulation;
that the people of Delphine tear down their tower looming over the Jotunn's mines within the next fortnight (48 Hours) or suffer raids till it is burned to the ground.
The Flamespeaker advocated this position pursuant to an ultimatum propositioned by the Council, sponsored by the Faith of Nemea, the Ursidae, and the Warlord, and the Jarl who levied the demand.

It is made known to the general public that there is a new registry of clans, including lesser races proposed by the Jarl;
and that seats upon the newly formed Lesser Council may be earned by providing no less than Two Huskarls and 10,000 coins oncer per annum at the Great Moot, in which the representative of Vdal are selected by vote of the Clans. This vote was passed unanimously by all members of the Moot, after brief consideration.

It is made known to the general public
 that the Huskarls' recruitment has went to full bore;
and that all brave warriors of the Realm are expected to submit themselves to a period of service to the Moot, in order to restore the rightful borders of Grimnir's Empire.
Reports indicate that there has been a massive influx of civilians being marked with the Tears of Grimnir.

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  Fundraiser: "Help Your Local Detective Get a Place to Stay" (extra apartments)
Posted by: 1r5 - Today, 12:47 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

A couple of posters were hung up around Aphros, with a (rushed) doodle of the city's favourite (and only) detective.

[Image: unknown.png]
(Fundraiser for an extra apartment complex)

Ever since the incident of floor 124, the city of Aphros has never been the same. Many houses were razed to the ground, causing many of its citizens to be homeless to this day. Even I, detective Slewfoot, live out of a tent.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

With your help and donations, we can pool together enough money to get the construction of more housing started.
I will be donating 3000c of my own money to this cause. If we can raise 50000c, that's enough for the construction of one apartment complex - and thus enough room for several people. As the people of Aphros, we can help the homeless population get shelter at affordable prices.

Donations can be delivered to my tent, which is situated right next to the palace. Every bit helps!
[Image: unknown.png]

DISCLAIMER: This fundraiser has not been discussed with any of the Houses of Aphros. Novellia Slewfoot makes no promises that an apartment complex will be built, but she'll fight zealously for the cause.

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  those poor boars
Posted by: CuriosityaboutMyself - Today, 12:42 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (36)

i look at people, standing at the boar spawns, wondering if it's really that worth it to mindlessly spam aoes for exp

i suggest that boars spawn randomly around the map rather than in groups in select places

not sorry

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  Daylee's Decor
Posted by: ~Aoria-sama~ - Yesterday, 11:33 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: tQMd1AS.jpg]
[Image: greOwh6.jpg]
Quote:"Hello, HELLOOOOO? Is this thing on?

What's up everyone? Nice to meet ya!
My name's Daylee and I love to make things super pretty!
These times are hard for a striving artist, like me!
So pay me and I will make your home...

Yeah, I guess that's all I gatta say!"

There's a shuffle at the mic stand, before she scurries back to it for one last tidbit.
Quote:"OH! Here's some examples of my work.
[Image: Iagwv2E.jpg]
Large Room:5k(ish)
[Image: mXsx2cu.jpg]
(small room:2k(ish)
Quote:OOC; Discord to set up scene:~Aoria-sama~#8296

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  Varis Enterprises
Posted by: CrystikRage - Yesterday, 10:51 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

"Citizens of Aphros, Varis Enterprises is properly opened to the citystate at large! Ooh, aah. Come and purchase all manner of alchemical goods, arms, or armor!

In addition, Gellena Varis will happily take orders for anything not currently listed for sale in her stall - though current supply shortages might result in delays.

Knights of the Bastion should inquire about a discount!

Finally, if one is looking to sell any Alchemical Reagents or Ores, top coin is being offered in exchange. Nearly any amount will be purchased!"

[Image: ace8fd3f46d7c38214574ad171a08200.png]

Coords: 682, 466

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  Misfortune: Tower of Aetius (7PM EST TUESDAY)
Posted by: chance - Yesterday, 10:08 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: PbxFnuh.png]

Throughout Meranthe, in the black markets and the slums, a message is spread through the underground and the cesspit of society: The dark god Misfortune is to make a rare appearance, summoning all to attend if they wish to learn of the Tower of Aetius and its inner workings.

"It has been some years since Lightgarde failed to reach the top and caused the catastrophe of 124. And in that era, all those who had made it further than the lowest levels have perished in the attempt or retired. So I look to you, the young and bold, succeed where the past generations failed. You will begin the climb, won't you?"

[Image: 75NkIj9.png]

[ OOC - This is a gathering that will provide IC information on the Tower of Aetius! 7PM EST TUESDAY ] 

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  Nemea's Grace is now Open!
Posted by: lunafields - Yesterday, 05:18 PM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

Within Delphina, a small tavern has been opened into the capital city of Dat'Thala!
The small, vine-filled building erupts with the scent of hot meals and cold drinks.
There's usually a small crowd within, and there's even a stage for entertainment!

[Image: unknown.png]

It's ran by a Faeborne with grass-green hair, Lúnasa, and her assistant, a black-haired boy named Jung.
A bar maiden serves food and drink alongside some alchemical regents within.

Are you looking to work at a tavern? Or perhaps you wish to make a deal selling your crops to the establishment? Speak with Lúnasa for further inquiries. There's also a sign up sheet available for the stage should any wish to host events within!

Welcome to Nemea's Grace and enjoy your stay!

[Image: inside.PNG]

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  Dark Abyss
Posted by: Dark Magician - Yesterday, 09:38 AM - Forum: Events - Replies (1)

[Image: unknown.png]

Axis Al'britu was curious about the massive, dark, hole in the ground in the desert, and just HAD to explore it with a group of friends. So, a date was set, and preparations were underway. Soon, they'd embark on their journey down the desert's waterfall and into the dark abyss to see what exactly it had to offer!

Risk: CoI - HCoI
Attendees: Whoever Axis chooses! (Depends on how many the DM allows)
Theme: Dark, Abyss, Exploration
Rewards: TBD
DM: Looking

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  The first Hymn
Posted by: Dasthrowaway - Yesterday, 09:20 AM - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: hjalmar-wahlin-creating-blessed-bones1.jpg?1571324362]

Following the events of what was known as The Seven Deaths, the art of Necromancy seemed to be all but gone from the public eye. However, the disciples of Tal did survive, if only very few in number. This number has only dwindled even further into the modern era, with but only a few still practising the art in secret, let alone brazenly. However, a stir within the borders of the Shadowland seems to reveal that the art is still very much alive. 

That which is dead may never truly die after all. And as Meranthe learnt during the height of his reign of terror, that even death itself may be conquered.

Within the borders of those shadowlands, where even the most stalwart of Aphrosian guardsmen dare not patrol, foul mana tainted by the forces of unlife seems to create a sort of 'beacon', guiding those already sensitive to such magics towards it. As well as tugging upon the hearts and minds of those already seeking to follow such a depraved path.


A meeting for those that currently possess Necromancy along with PC's looking to study or be mentored under a necromancer! As well as discussing other things relating to the art.

It would be best to come wearing a disguise of sorts.

DATE AND TIME: TBA (Likely Friday depending on circumstances)

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