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  An Exchange of Materials
Posted by: Trafalgar246 - 10 minutes ago - Forum: In Character - No Replies

[Image: one-piece-usopp.gif]

After searching the lands far and wide for the materials necessary to make the gun King Rued crafted for him the best version it could possibly be, Jango has come up short. To this end, flyers have been posted around various settlements detailing the request of the West's greatest marksman.

"Howdy, everyone! After the past two auctions not havin' much I'd be willin' to wager on, I decided it'd be best to ask for help. If anyone has any materials attributed to Wind magic or *especially* Fire, I'd be mighty thankful if you contacted me about it. I know things don't come free in life though, so I've got some ores, money, and water materials I'm willin' to offer up. Send me a letter or come swing on by Serenity if you're interested!"

At the end of each of these flyers is Jango's signature crosshair, drawn in the likeness of his tattoo!

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  Royal Guarding Training Mission
Posted by: ry0un0suke - 12 minutes ago - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: d1afda525ed7d7dbe47224f3e08d9527.jpg]
The Final Year
. . .
Falling atop the desk of Nylion Alabaster and soon reaching heir and Luminary Sunsets over Moonlight is a rather... strange predicament. It does not relate to countrywide issues like undead attacks or conflicts surrounding central Meranthe, but instead comes from... Sanessa, the second largest city in the Realm of Delphina just west of the capital city Dal'Thala. The mission slowly organized and set to take a few weeks, the concerns, well, a bit concerning... High Lord Faebornes conflict, death threats, potential loss of hundreds of thousands of coin.
Sanessa, where a large portion of Mestreans migrated to decades ago, became a city largely known for its arts. While Mestrea devotion fell out of style, much of its impacts still linger to this day. Known best for its famous Opera Oak, but much of it is shrouded in mystery unless truly seen in person. Secretive, secluded, not too keen on foreigner or human visitors- despite this, the noble House Beotyn is unmatched in grape exports. The largest in the realm and supplier to popular competitors to the famous Caewynn Bleudyn. Contrary, House Salieu owns the largest print press in maybe the entire country! They're said to frequently sponsor up-incoming artists and run a renowned art gallery containing some of the oldest pieces of art. House Salieu is said to be responsible for further distribution of the popular and well-graded Quill Chronicle, sometimes claiming to mass produce works of a certain acclaimed royal poet and Luminary.
While not as famous as House Alinteau or House Caewynn, each which have produced the most extraordinary, country influencing magi in history, from Commanders, Captains, and several monarchs, behind the scenes, these two houses influence the economy and cultural scene in ways just as important. Equipped with this, it goes without saying that running in and punching whoever talks funny likely is NOT the approach. As representatives of the court and crown, maintaining the peace is top priority.
Attendees: Royal Guard Trainees (you know who you are)
Risk: HCoI
Date: 7/22
DM: ry0un0suke (me)

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  New beginnings
Posted by: magicschoolbusdropout - 2 hours ago - Forum: Emporium - No Replies

[Image: c3b4e4499f2a76a6a7e6eb5e89067f5d.jpg]
Quote: Wrote:
"It is time for a new change. Bring the change you want and let the world follow in your steps.

- Asterin P. Kasca

To Apply DM hoosier_mama on Discord!

OOC Things of note:
1 Slot! Another one will be really soon.

You will spawn as 180 RPL!
You will receive a Soul Bound Unique Weapon, Faith, or medic (Your sprite for such a weapon will be up to you! Or, I can assist with finding something fitting)

Contact hoosier_mama on Discord for help with such.

To Spawn in as 16-20! Up to you!

Spawn in as either Human, Beastkin, Faeborne, Giant, and so on! (Anything visually Human!) You have a chance to become a mestra champion at some point as well if that is the route you choose

Will be given development for the following should your IC needs deem it needed! (Wayfinding, Holy Magic, Faith[Mestran, Kraus, Ualdir], Medic, and Runecrafting!)

Boosters! 50 of course!


Last, but not least! Expectations are simply to be active and enjoy your character. (Mains preferred! Alts are welcome!)

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  A Continuation [Morningstar Ritual]
Posted by: Titania - 4 hours ago - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

Quote:"If you think that the Dream died just because you stopped one measly ritual, you haven't been paying attention."

"The Dream is eternal. As long as the name Azrael is remembered by humanity, there will be those to carry the torch."

"This flesh, this meat, this horrid vessel failed me once. Resisted my command. Refused to shove a knife where a knife belonged."

"Compassion infests it. A horrible, imperfect, flawed thing. You make it struggle against the path I have bestowed upon it. But don't worry."

"It will not fail me again. I will make sure of it."

"Come and see, you pagans. Worshippers of flawed idols, unable to comprehend the perfection He represents. Come and see."

[Image: Tower.png]

After their defeat to the west of Gloomlight, some might have believed that Morningstar was dissuaded from its continued profanity against the world and all that is righteous.

They would be wrong. Recent sightings have placed Aaliyah Tal, and a cohort of undead alongside her, gathering around the grounds of the Tower of Aetius. With RISE long since departed, there are none there to contest her, as she arranges something... terrible, doubtlessly, upon this nexus of the Lifestream's flow. The Tower represents an intersection of the Cosmos, a place where many different realms converge...

...and, perhaps, that is exactly why Aaliyah has placed her priority there.

Come and see, Meranthe.

Come and see.

PLACE: The Tower of Aetius
DATE: Thursday, July 25th, 6:00 PM EST
GOAL: A profane ritual, the second of three.

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  Echoes of Chaos
Posted by: Penguin - Today, 03:22 AM - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

[Image: CxfRcIF.png]   

[Image: aeGSwd4.png]

[Image: ZBASZl0.png]

A mysterious bard, cloaked and graceful, has been seen wandering through the grand cities of Meranthe, singing and rhyming.
Their message is not as jovial as one might expect. Their rhymes speak of tales—tales not heard yet.
 Perhaps stories of futures to be met

Oh ancient seal, that guards our land so well,
Primordial of Earth, thy power none can quell.
Thy breath, the winds that shape our soaring peaks,
Thy footfalls carve the valleys, where silence speaks.

Yet shadows gather, and whispers fill the air,
Of doom approaching, a fate beyond compare.

In the far west, the wind will roar,
Clashing with the sun’s relentless score.
On mountain tops, the frost will melt,
For fire’s wrath, no refuge felt.

Those near the Luminous King,
Will feel earth's strike beneath their feet.
And those who think they are spared,
Their gloomy day with floods will meet.

And as mysterious as their arrival seemed to be, equally mysterious was their disappearance, you see.
Weeks later, that ominous message became clear:

High elemental mana zones, dormant for ages, suddenly pulse and awaken, drawn by a distant Primordial's call. 
Small earthquakes tremble, foreshadowing greater upheavals.
Coastal waters surge with threatening waves.
And strong winds sweep across plains
While volcanic mountains puff out smoke and dread.

Hordes of elemental creatures break free from these zones, unleashing chaos across Meranthe.
They seek to conquer territory for their elemental domains, leaving fear and destruction in their wake.

EC fights, story telling and hopefully, fun.
 Many can participate in these and they will happen near some cities,
They will likely be held on Saturdays, in the afternoon, Trying to do these in various schedule*

Disclaimer: It is not one event but a series of events. They will likely be held in different time zones (Starting, likely, from 1pm est - 8pm est. It might be more than one saturday too) and in various areas of Meranthe.

Date: TBD, likely on a Saturday
Time: TBD, likely in the afternoon
Location: Meranthe

Stay stuned!

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  Midnight for Mitra Prithvi
Posted by: Kynim - Today, 03:19 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

[Image: sleepymitra.jpg]

Reports currently detail that when the Keeper falls asleep in the square of Arcadia, mystic lights come to life, and creation magic stirs to life- small, spirit-like beings are birthed through the air itself, and the minds of those nearest are almost lulled into a slumber. It becomes more and more prevalent and hard to resist, with each passing night-

Unfortunately, our group of young mages are all nearby when it gets worse!

Character: Mitra Prithvi..?
Attendees: Violet Aubreen, Orianne Aubreen, Juniper, Selene Valmonte, Zaahira Khalas, possibly more..! This is oriented toward the Youth of Arcadia, and the Seekers.
Risk: HCoI
Reward: ???
Themes: Dreams, Hope, Destiny, The Past.
DM: Kynim. yes, im dming my own event.

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  Lunar Phases
Posted by: CAUDA - Yesterday, 06:30 PM - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

The Demon-King's reward,
demonic invaders,
and a bewitched prisoner.

[Image: a92668c4e82c1f89fcbb16ee8e0a0858.png]

A foreboding sense of dread carries with sea breeze. Occultists drawn in like moths to a flame.
On a night of a new moon, an Unusual Urn is opened.

Location: Crescent Fortress Isle, 2127AC.
Date: Friday 6PM EST. 19th.

It rains.

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  We still hate you
Posted by: SwordDao - Yesterday, 04:08 PM - Forum: In Character - Replies (1)

[Image: image.png]
In response with the public declaration of Gloomlight's withdrawal from the war, a statement is issued by Midpoint.
"You are insane if you think just walking away now without paying your dues is an option. Foolish Oracle you have brought about nothing but issues for my company, as such we are due compensation. For the defamation, lies and loss of profit, you owe us three-hundred thousand coins. I expect whoever fed you lies about Midpoint to be brought before me to be tried for their crimes. The final demand is that you, Oracle Loramelian face me and apologize.
I expect an adequate response by the end of the year."
It is business as usual at Midpoint. There are two new stalls for purchase and anyone who wishes to purchase one should contact Madavayanna Gregoris. If you are from Gloomlight, you must pay a higher rent.

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  The Traverse - Ocean Festival
Posted by: Dandeli - Yesterday, 03:39 PM - Forum: Public Events - No Replies

[Image: starfishy.png]
In times long ago, there was the Shapeshifting Serpent, Yama and The Great Whale, Inki!
By their hands, the vast blue was shaped. Inki's tears spilt through his hills and valleys, mud and salt to become the fish!
Yama would see the first of Sirenia, Leucothea, Scylla and Galene made of his own two hands, too!
In spite of past's chaotic story, where land once waged against sea, we have grown since!
Frayed bonds mended, those of the Ocean's Gods living amongst those of the Land's Gods!
In the name of this togetherness, all are invited to celebrate the Sea and Sirenia alike!
>>> Location:              
The Traverse  
>>> Introduction: Homage to The Sea [Image: 53fbfbc743b98490cc0d722d7ae8757f934abcec.gifv]                                   
The festival will begin with a sermon and shared prayer.                                                           
                                                    Everyone will be given the chance to share their appreciation for Sea and (or) Sirenia, be it in thanks, a story, or an offering.  
   These will be put into bottles, and then cast to the sea. Parchment will be in supply!                                   

 >>> Festivities: Land and Ocean's Challenge [Image: 66e6761a613257ceb17ecc77a3f134809d05b595.gifv]             
 Everyone is invited to take part in four minigames.            [Image: a352c4f782732a70360df6b3b6bea882c7b21957.gifv]                                   
Each winner of the minigames will receive a small ornament and medal.             
                     Over the course of the minigames, people will earn points by coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.
                                                  These points will add up to a total at the end of all minigames, which will decide the true winners of the Challenge.
                                                                               1. Sand Sculpture Competition (make a sand sculpture within 15 minutes) (via. https://sandspiel.club/) (+1 points for T1 artificers)
[Image: 3b55c7374ea92da7c1d801d9f00e2f8d4e38daaf.gifv]                                          2. Sea Stone Competition (see who can collect the most sea stones in 15 minutes) (+1 points for foragers)
                                                                               3. Sand Art Competition (see who can make the most compelling sand art) (via. https://skribbl.io/) (+1 points for artist characters)
                                                   4. Swimming Competition (see who can swim the farthest) (+1 points for fishermen) (+2 points for sirenian)
>>> Rewards:                         [Image: 383d0a22afd92100c47413b060aeb287a268ed0a.gifv]    
[Image: GoldUI.png]1st - Gold Anchor        
The winner of the competition will receive:
 I. Golden Anchor Award                            
II. Soulsteel                                                 
III. 15,000c                                                  
IV. Golden Jellyfish Crown                      
             [Image: 67d33fcf859394e20564b0b942f7325501ccfa10.gifv]  
[Image: SilverUI.png]2nd - Silver Anchor     
The second place prize winner will receive:
I. Silver Anchor Award                              
II. 10,000                                                      
III. Silver Jellyfish Crown                          
[Image: 8e2843f7b84c771fa0c74b826e151b0ea43f3eeb.gifv]                         
[Image: DarkUI.png]3rd - Steel Anchor       
The third place prize winner will receive:
I. Steel Anchor Award                            
II. 5,000                                                    
III. Grey Jellyfish Crown                       
4:00EST - ?:??EST

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  A Star in the North?
Posted by: PumkinBumkin - Yesterday, 07:51 AM - Forum: Events - No Replies

"And though you did not ask, perhaps you might similar wish to find a sword suitable to the brightness of your ideals, Sword of Solais..."
"-I can give you no guarantees, as more than likely that most of what I would remember is ruins, by now."

[Image: a7f371c2abf44138a95ecc5f088c2623.jpg]
A trip to the Lighthouse, and to finally act on yet another piece of advice given to him by the guardians that have helped him not once but twice. The 'Sword of Solais' continues his preparations to make the trek north, to journey to the lands of Esshar themselves to locate what was a long lost Astyan relic.
A blade which once rested within the armoury of what was Osrona's nobility.
A weapon that shined with the glow of Leonaus' midnight and with it the blessings of the stars themselves.
It's name?
It was the least he could do after all.

Attendees: THE Khive Aubreen + Friends(surely i have these)

 This Esshar shit serious. Fuck it, we ball.
Themes: Esshar, Traveling, Ruins, Legacy, Leonaus, Osrona

Caledfwlch, a roadtrip to esshar and other things. Up to DM really.
DM: It'd be so cool if it was you. Trust the process....

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