eevThe Spirit Forge: A Call to Artificers
[Image: unknown.png]

Moxtlian borders run crowded with carts hiked in, and out.
Foremen sketch plans, the mouth of the temple is broken agape.

Preparations being made for no less than an Artificer's Haven.
Where they may invoke the strength of the Spirits proper.

A missive is soon released by the Voice of the Tribes:

All devouts of the Spirits, rise to attention.
For we need no less than the peak of your crafts.

You of runes, of blades, of armor. I call to thee.
For lest not a forge of perfection, why have you learnt to strike thine hammer?

The construction of the Spirit Forge is announced, yet at its stage of planning.
Its Chief Engineer is yet to be determined, and to be chosen from Moxtlian crafters.

Artificers and Crafters of any ilk barring the enemy are invited to join the efforts of construction.
Those who spend their efforts to further the Spirit Forge will be accepted as Smiths of Moxtli, and allowed acccess to its facilities.

The head of the smiths are to be determined, but rumor spreads that they will be allowed a tribe of their own.

(DM: Eve#1315 or Approach Amaranthis for details!)
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