eevThe end.
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We are Moxtli.
Hear our tale.
Where man lays in ruin,
Heed our tribes' wisdom.

We begun with Spirits, there are four.
Xotonal, the Vulture. Wake her last, as we did.
Ixtitli, the Weasel. Be agile with their trials.
Eznite, the Bear. Wake him first, be honorable, fight for right.
Tialli, the Toad. Pursue intellect, study, be smart.

We fought for what we had, even our brothers.
We married before we bore children, we spread our name wisely.
We held oath all, or shall you be tormented forever.
We never bowed, we never knelt. We are warriors, we listened to our Voice.
We praised sacrifice for good things any. We sacrificed for honor, we fought with honor.
We kept the Balance, keep it please if it remains in thine time.

We are Moxtli.
Hear as we ask.
For we succeeded not,
but may you, we pray.

We are of Shaman and Warrior.
We are many, yet we are together beneath the Voice.
We have kept Saekanis away.
It brings destruction, consumption of brother.
Please keep it once we remain no more.
It will tear your realm asunder, as it did ours.

We will all fall this day, beneath Y'ggdrasil, the tree of Life.
Its roots spread all across the continent, leylines. We will follow them to afterlife.
Those of us who do not die today, are cowards. Listen to them not, for the tribes never flee.
We leave behind no legacy, but this advice to thee.

Keep our story to thine heart.
Remember all of us to have fallen.
Learn from us, pursue our story.
We have not much left to give.

We were Moxtli.
We were great.
Remember us well.

And please,
Do not fall to Demon, as have we.
Shut door any where they appear.
Do not let them fester, house no cowards.
Fight for thine life.

We are the tribes of Moxtli, under Voice Ama

A hasty gesture.
A viridian tear through the air appeared.
The swiftly-carved monument was cast through it, swallowed whole;
Sought to be hidden from the enemy, found by the ally of generations later.
Or- anywhere, really.


Beneath the branches of Y'ggdrasil's sapling they fought,
Shaman and warrior, the Spirits they screamed.

Most held a drunkard's strength, and one's breath.
Led by Amaranthis, the last Voice of the Tribes.
They clashed well, yet their numbers dwindelled swiftly.
The enemy poured forth. Where one stood filled three.

One upon another, soldiers collapsed.
Soldiers, family, romances, brothers.
Kauri defended home, a fairy to burst into glittery cyan, beneath the branch that it came to life.
Elliptica collected injury upon another. Even amidst her dying wind, the chilling air about her could not be touched by blades most.

Amaranthis last, to stand nigh in ruins whilst all those about her departed.
Though whatever crossed her mind laid barely coherent, a sound from the rocky antlers she carried a trembling tone;

"Nanzo... you were right..."
"You-... You-"

Yet to rubble she fell before she finished,
With a strike upon her viridian core.

So seemed to end the story of Moxtli, save for those to have left.
Soon enough, barely to be recognized from land any other, as it ran beneath Demons.

Yet, a tarnished tree always seemed to remain, no matter damage how great.
Barely a husk, yet- for something to remain in there.

The wrath of nature itself.

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