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Hello there,

I am not sure how to adress this, but I have found that unarmed weapons are - as of now - pretty underwhelming.

There has been the adition of arcanium gauntlets, true. But if we look at choices for armed people, there is so much more to choose from.

Realisticly, unarmed players are restricted to Mythril gloves until they somehow collect 6 arcanium or dev the weapons themselves.

While people who play armed at least have the opportunity to get better weapons with nyeshk, tyrium and prisminthium.

And I don't really have to mention the amount of choice pure mages get.

Nyeshk isn't that hard to get, neither is tyrium. Prisminthium is though, I will concede that much.

I would welcome any ideas for a solution.

And I am also open to criticism, if you disagree.
Like I said in the general suggestion thread, here is my own suggestions:

Quote:1: Add -weight. How does it make sense that having a book in your hands restrains you less than having literally nothing? It would make sense ICly that having your hands unrestrained during combat would be a weight advantage over others. I understand that the +agi is already doing that, but its nowhere near enough agi.

2: Add +phys. Swords have +phys, the greatsword being an example of a weapon that is ridiculously stronger than the gloves of same tier when it goes to making armed attack strongers. Unarmed attacks feel like they hit like a wet noodle in comparison. +phys on gloves would help that.
Wouldn't be opposed to having an auguria glove type. Auguria is pretty lackluster when it comes to usage outside of dev of course. All it has is just the ring and a very niche armor choice.

Nyeshk is also an obvious answer for gloves, the heavy weight of gloves would be cool.

Maybe give one of the super high tier ores a glove also. Eternite/Prism/Austerieia as damage type variants.
Gloves buff:
-Leather +2 physical def
-Steel 2 physical pow
-Mytril +2 physical pow +1 physical def
-Arcanium +2 physical pow +2 physical def

or add a slight more ammount of power in all gloves.

New weapon, quarterstaff.

rpl 180 (6 Mytril, 3 Steel 10 wood.)
+20 agi +10 crit + 15 pow +3 Physical pow.

But dont listen to me, i tend to favor unarmed too much.
[Image: image.png?ex=653e6a79&is=652bf579&hm=0e5...9312669cc&]
As someone who plays an unorthodox unarmed build and made Arcanium gloves, I can only cry that it came out as a common rarity, especially with how difficult the journey was to obtain that through keys and crates. (I've been getting Austereia and Prisminthium rather than Arcanium from dungeons, and it hurts). The increased agility did help me a lot however.

For those who don't need too much agility, a suggestion of heavier gloves could be good too.
buff unarmed
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