Detective100Port Fortune - A new notice on the board.
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Some days after the return from Dal'thaia following an execution, a new notice had been put upon the notice board.

One written crudely and in haste, pinned following a heated debacle.
Whatever it was that lead to posting of this simple note?
Only those who had seen what was previously written, or heard of the rumors, may have a proper guess:

"Alright lassies and gents, the show is over."
-Stede Vane.

A note with just a single sentence. To end the whole debacle.
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Turbulence rises within the chain of Aphros bureaucracy as controversial information is revealed of Consul General Ophelia neé Kallis.

A document posted with serious allegations, swift to bring an official response from Ophelia as a missive presented before a ball.

Quote:Any accusation or allegation surrounding Chief Ambassador supporting Necromancers, or having provided incorrect information about her lineage are baseless lies to generate turmoil, by the enemy.

The people or Port Fortune are advised to refrain from making such outlandish claims, to prevent diplomatic incidents.

By Athelios' guidance.

The release of the necromantic dossier was met with the proper form of fanfare befitting such dread revelations. Rarely one to sew untruths into juicy facts, Shaggard DeGray, the Hofgothi of the Zealots of Ymir had this to stay in response to the official responses of Aphros, his own flyer scribed in the ashen ink of the volcano.

Quote:"Ophelia was a cunning whore, I'll give her that. Attempting to magibane Surtyr after getting in cozy with him was a bold move, but she lacked the face to bring it home.  At least we of the north are being honest with the land, we have nothing more to hide. The truth is our aegis, as lies were Lars until Arioch exposed him.. How long will Aphros hide from its own people its experimental practice of necromancy, how long will this ruse of a crusade continue? As long as it keeps Dal'thala from fighting back against annexation; not very long at all."
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No Oliver?
As with all things, there is simply a statement issued from the desk of the usual. The same unhinged things written and distributed the same way all the other statements are.

Local Madman Wrote:
There is no such thing as the Faceless. They are simply rumors spread by the enemy to disparage the efforts of Aphros' people in their steadfast quest to ward against the vile evils.
That said, it is hypocritical of Vdalion to act as if they and Perdition are not one and the same. The real name of Villaus was Sullivan, a doctor and Zealot in the same order as the one who wrote this letter defaming members of Aphros. It was always curious that they seemed to have such fresh access to bodies while the folk of Vdalion executed others.

Even more so that this statement comes from Port Fortune, who seems to be collaborating with profane witch cultists. Even now, they seem to forget the efforts of Oliver, who died at the hands of Vdalion's dogs. How quick the memory of Port Fortune at forgetting such a comrade, throwing their lot in with his very killers. I only hope he finds peace in the Cycle, to be reborn in a better world.

Yet, so is the curiosity that Vdalion claims Nekane, an unrepentant murderer. No better than a feral and rabid animal, who hides from her sins in the shadows of the Giants. They would be wise to remember a rabid dog knows no master. Her crimes in Aphros will undoubtedly repeat in her new home. Where she killed and hid her sin, forcing another to kill for her, and ultimately abandoning the one she called her love.

Perhaps it is simply the fate of snowy lands to inherit such strange cultists, with the hope that it doesn't weaken them as it has done repeatedly in history. Time and time again. Perhaps there will be a moment of guilt in her being and she will return herself to the cycle forthwith. Maybe then, Athelios will judge her soul as salvageable and not condemned to Helheim. Perhaps there, she will meet the lover she abandoned, so she may apologize for her weakness.

And with it comes another announcement from the desk of the monk. A grim thing that must be done so that others may learn.

Bloodthirsty Mad Man Wrote:
(I'll figure this shit out then)
In the Cathedral of Aspera, a notice is put forth. It's unceremonious, but the town criers speak of it all the same - For a small development took place. The prisoner was to be executed by the faithful of Athelios; And what better solution than the Church of Aspera?


The Cardinal Sin hath been committed, and as all matters of faith, the judgement shall be dealt by the divine.
For her mistakes, she shall face the ultimate price; For only blood shall pay the price.
May the wisdom of Enarr guide the soul of the wicked;
And may Athelios give them much-needed respite.

OCT. 17TH - 7 PM EST
In time, another notice would be nailed upon that very same board, in close proximity to that very same letter which has caused much buzz and headache in recent weeks. Close proximity perhaps being an understatement, as it is in fact nailed slightly over the bottom of the letter, and the last few names listed upon it. In embellished handwriting it reads:
A Necessary Clarification:
It should be known that the above letter does not reflect any express belief of the Southern Seas Company. The claims which have found their way upon this board should be interpreted solely as the words of the Flamespeaker of Vdalion. No veracity is attributed by the Company or its members towards allegations of necromancy, sympathy to such, or being "Faceless" directed to the Consul General of Aphros. Preposterous, much like the notion that the recipient of this letter had found it as any sort of reward for collaboration with necromancers.

Apologies for any confusion.

Anyone curious enough to remove the notice and look at the portion of the letter it had covered will find the original writing crossed out, beside it a few words added in that same embellished handwriting:

Really, now? Put that back, please.

A few letters and statements are sent out to the respective presses of Port Fortune and Aphros, echoing and officializing the stance posted in a capacity beyond a singular notice upon a board eight days out from the rest of Meranthe. Yet as this incident should show, sometimes little else is needed to catch a wide attention.
As the days went on, the citizens of Port Fortune would notice a change in the notice board.

What was previously pinned to the board that had caused all the ruckus, to be replaced with a new notice crudely written.

"Alright lassies and gents, the show is over."

-Stede Vane.

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