eevFriends in High Places
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"Jeeves, tell the scribes to rewrite this one. The font is too thick not to leak on parchment."

With the dawn of a new era, it is soon announced by the Oracle's decree, that Ophelia Kallis is recognized as the Head of House Kallis.

The following announcements are made via a public missive;

Quote:- House Kallis will employ retainers, who will be required to undergo an operation to be rendered mute for the duration of their service.

- House Kallis is in ceaseless and unconditional support of Oracle Lloyd Astrid and invites all to do similar, especially in times of war.

- Mei Dominic-Uma, a family associate was declared a missing person. A bounty of unspecified amount of coin is offered to those who might have information as to their situation.

- All is reminded that the Kallis value dedication and kinship, and is not limited to grant title only to members of their family, and are invited to speak with Ophelia Kallis should they have any interest.

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