eevThe Perfect Storm (Kallis x Equisol-Dominic)
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Your Mother:

- Head of the Kallis noble family of Aphros, Chief Ambassador, Snow Leopard Beastkin who originates from Vdalion.

- Had a Deadly6 with your father in an honor duel a while back. (It was for a good reason)

- Well-connected with people across the continent, liked by plenty, hated by more.

- Will humiliate you in public by doting on you in front of your friends. (Calls you her baby despite your age)

- Did NOT attempt to assassinate Surtyr Folhammar, don't mind the rumors. She's just a noble lady.

[Image: unknown.png]
Your Father:

- Infamous Nephilim known for taking the crown and giving it to Quinto Dominic, later on to Hadrian.

- Troubled past and present with the loss of many people he cares for.

- "Rival" of the Necromancer and champion, Arioch.

- Can see the future.

- Has a pretty sizable forehead.


- Will be born Nephilim (closed for now!), Faceless (oh fuck?), Human or Beastkin.

- Will don the noble last name 'Kallis' and be entitled to its rewards/ranks in the government.

- Will be raised, almost conditioned to be loyal to Aphros.

- Will play the game on Hard difficulty if you get picked for the Faceless slot. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

- Will spawn in 2021 and were born in 2008.

- Will have a lot of fun with us throughout, and we're looking forward to it!

Apply Here!

DM: Eve#1315 for any questions!
A lot of great applications have come in already, thank you all!

Nephilim slot is closed, other children are still open for another 3 days!
Closed, thanks for the interest.

If you're chosen, you'll be sent a Discord DM!

See you out there
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