eevThe Sleepers, Awoken (Faceless)
[Image: unknown.png]

You've made it.

It took you years, yet you've climbed the ranks one upon another.

All, until two walked into your office, one with hair of marble, one of ebonite.

Your curtains were pulled, and your door locked.

And across your desk, was pushed a gold-trimmed envelope.





Good morning, Operative.

Your nation requires you.

- Snow

Your memory returns to you with a splitting headache.

Your briefing begins, mere seconds later.

There was no time for training.

There was no time for questions.

Your true life begins now.

You: (1-2 Slots)

- Are a Faceless, the elite of the elite.

- Are expected to start as an established member of the Aphrosi government, thus are probably 18+ when you begin.

- Can spawn as soon as your application to this Emporium is accepted.
- Will receive exclusive access this button [Image: unknown.png] that makes your opponent vanish.

- Can either resume your character's rank in Aphrosi bureaucracy, or accept to have your identity completely changed.

- Will have an IC mentor. and will start with primary, as well as secondary objectives to achieve.

- Will be completely wiped from every list and record upon your untimely demise.

Do not expect a smooth ride, there'll be a lot on your shoulders.

Good luck, Agent 47.

Apply Here!
Slots closed. If you were chosen, you'll be notified.

It was a difficult decision, and every app was great! If you haven't been accepted, you still may submit a journal application to get to play a Faceless!
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