eevFull Confessions
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My name, is Snow.

But you can call me anything.

Salathiel, for one. Hayden, another.

Ophelia Kallis...

Aurelia, Surtyr, more. That's all I'll tell you, however.

I'm a Faceless.

But you haven't heard that, have you?

Of course you haven't. For I haven't told you anything.

In reality, I have. You simply haven't caught on.

You've lived a life of privilege. You've lived safely through the plots against you.

You've slept well, you've enjoyed family.

Maybe someone even told you they love you, and meant it.

I haven't. I wouldn't.

I'm twisted, askew. The years only have made me worse.

I've worked both indoors and abroad. Yet I have no home.

I have a husband and children. Yet I have none who cares for me.

I have siblings, yet they hold me in exile.

I miss Darius. I miss him so much.

Once I'm gone, they'll mourn me for a day at most.

But that's exactly how it's meant to be.

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I was to wear a white dress. To be as clean and innocent as the day I was born.

But I'm far from it. It felt naught but heavy on me.

I've served every Oracle. I've followed every order to death.

I placed eyes around every bend.

I made traitors sing praise for the Oracle.

I stabbed every foe in the back.

Now, I am rejected. My service is null.

A new future awaits Aphros. A future I have no place in.

I've informed all my operatives to report to Skinwalker.

Let's see him actually do something, for once.

My service is over at last.

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Last words?

Don't be silly.

They'll be far from last.

You'll hear my work decades down.

But you'll never hear of me.

Ad agnis per aspera.
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