Spell Balance Suggestions
When suggesting a balance change or a buff/nerf to a spell, do keep in mind what's in that tree as well as how much investment the ability takes. Magic comes as a package rather than a series of individual abilities, though no one spell should be lacking or feel like it's not worth it!

Spell: Flying Kick
Suggestion: Lower RPP Cost

Spell: Accelerate
Suggestion: Increase Agi % or [Increase spell speed/armed&unarmed +1range]
Spell: Energy Shroud
Suggestion: Increase it to +30 Base Power. Other stance's are nearing, or equal, to the boost in power of Energy Shroud and possess other attributes, such as healing, MP regeneration or whatever else. Even with +10% AP at less than fifty percent Health, you're not exactly getting a huge amount of bang for your buck! With all the other aura's increasing in strength overall, I think Energy Shroud deserves some love.

However, if you don't want to increase its power, perhaps +20 Power and +10 Melee Power, since it's primarily a melee stance anyway! This would avoid any changes to spells and allow it to function better for melee.

also fix lariat please please please
Spell: Twister
Suggestion: Give it a bigger damage radius but maybe reduce the damage slightly.

Pure wind mages are kind of really lacking in damage spells right now and twister either hits everything (Bad verbers who don't move much) or hits MAYBE once in the entire cooldown. This change might make it more consistent and reliable to use instead of just a zoomy zoomy escapey that doesnt do any damage....
Earth Bomb
Suggestion: Lower the damage / up the cooldown. As it stands, it's a very long range 8P nuke on a 10s cd that homes.

Suggestion: Increase the cooldown / lower the damage. It's currently 8P-11P on a 3s CD. A linear skillshot, sure, but one that overrewards.
Spell: Tornado
Suggestion: Increase the speed or damage. IT just isn't even CLOSE to worth it for being a intermediate and 20 RPP. It does barely any damage (181 power and it hits for 97-146 (CRIT) damage) Even someone SLOWED with FLURRY can outrun it and might get hit ONCE


Spell: Tidal Wave

Suggestion: Instead of making it a stun, that also heals and does a good amount of damage, remove the stun and turn it into a slow.
Spell: Shock

Suggestoin: Make it 3 tiles already, some spells do more damage with the same cd and has the fancy 3 tiles.
Spells: Armed Combat Styles

Suggestion: Lock them behind another Armed Spell that is not Dash Strike, since any mages (including ones that haven't dipped into the Tree in order to play as melee themselves) can snatch one for the free stat boosts/absurdly effective Specials (hello, Fomorian)

And about Ifrit... it probably deserves a more elaborate, useful Special. The majority of Armed Melee spells are already GCDE, which has Ifrit's Special become a bit redundant. I might even say it is null in effectiveness, seen as the GCD ones are already solid finishers
Spell: Shimmering Javeling & Crystal Wall

With consideration of how Crystal magic functions, I believe the prices involving crystal spear and wall should be toned down, some. Crystal wall is oddly buggy and fires off inconsistently in terms of timing, and crystal spear seems to be only one tile wide. I don’t think they’re worth 30 rpp. Neither hit hard enough to warrant the prices, in comparison to what other trees offer and can accomplish in the same tier. Maybe expand the spears width in terms of attack range, and take a look at the crystal wall. The opener being 30 RPP is a bit jarring, as well....
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