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A chromatic avian deemed as the messenger of the pantheon.

What was once the deepest yearnings of Ymir’s will to witness the world beyond his own, Chireus acts as the Primordial messenger bird of the pantheon, able to reach even the farthest reaches of the multiverse. Bearing translucent feathers would the bird-like visage of the entity invoke a sense of grace. For at the refraction of light allows his feathers to gleam across the spectrum of colors, shifting and changing based on his surroundings, such allows for the serendipity of his majesty to gleam to all observers of his presence. As the Primordial of Travel, he had been one who has traveled the world of Eternia—not once—but multiple times in his existence. He had witnessed the rise and fall of empires, and at a whim could he apparate into any location he knows of, the list being extensive and grand.

Often individualist in nature, the Primordial holds no single domain for his presence. Always is he moving, never in one place for too long. Primarily, some say one could only have a glimpse of him within the wavering Wander Taxidions, the passages of the runegates he had created within the Tower Aetius.


Derived upon the morn of the first dawn at Ymir’s feet, the flighty giant’s essence would falter at their demise. In this confluence, the first bead of resonance imbeds itself upon the winds, joining its flow in the brilliance of the rising sun, basking in the morning light brings the aspect of the fallen god into a manifestation of its newfound being. Upon its winded journey across the skies, whilst Ymir’s other aspects waged for growth in their grassroots start, the whites of the essence watched the creations unfold. For whilst Mount Pavonis first found its opening creation, the amalgam of the essence of wanderlust merely brings itself to follow the whims of the winds. In this inaction would the flowing sentience witness not the start of its siblings’ rise, but the world at large that had begun to form in its own right. Clad upon the skies, the formation of the being’s physical manifestation acts not with haste, but with time. For with each land that it witnesses; each culture; rise and fall; and formation of the world of Eternia, it takes in, like a sponge. Much so that in eventuality, upon its eventual return to the land of its liege’s demise, it had taken upon itself a new visage that had marked its travels across the world itself.

Whereas it was once nothing of note, strands of whites now connotes the brilliance of plumes that had been borrowed from the avians that had joined its travel across the skies. For at closer inspection does its feathers not align with the simplicities of colors its sibling Mestra had named, but the clear inclusion of it all. Translucent, is what best describes it. For in its time in the skies, the aspect it had chosen had allowed its presence to lie adaptable to the world around it; its being shifting to the multitude of colors that lie across its body, like a chameleon.

For upon its return, it was no longer but as simple-minded as it had begun. For with his chosen name, Chierius, he had witnessed the very rise of the world around him. And it was in this instance, upon his return, that his true calling draws forth. And thus, the Primordial of Travel is born. He yields no allegiances. For his eventual rise would simply fill in the niche of acting as the voice of his fellow deities upon each other's realms. For some had quarreled greatly, the neutral party presence of Chireus would be welcomed as a sign of fellowship and parley. And such, his reputation as the messenger of the gods acts as its secondary title, conjoined by his capability to traverse the plentiful domains of Eternia. Chireus’s presence throughout the war bodes less of a danger, and more so a point of discourse, for not a single target on his back was invoked upon him. For the pantheon had understood of his placement within the grand scheme of the back-and-forth. Much to this that even past the Divine Wars would his presence hold solace amongst his brethren. For by the tail-end of the millennia would he merely garner the position as the mediator of means. The eventuality of their skills even garnering the attention of Mortyl’s father, drawn to act as the lasting guide across the expanse of life and death. It’s here where Chireus is said to spend his days in providence.

Wander Taxidion[edit]

Throughout his time within the latter rise of Mount Pavonis, it is through his travels that an itch had remained congruent and prevalent across the bird wyvern’s holdings. To have witnessed the world, it was but an undertaking he could only dream of retreading. It is through his proposition that the inner brim of Ymir’s call for discovery and adventure that posed the Primordial into action. Through hid intricacies of what he had first seen, he lies to weave the multitude of his traversal knowledge unto a language coined to act as the songs that invoke the passages made by the Primordial. For at the end of its creation, he who has created such runic sigils would return to the skies, a flight across the world made, tracing the very leylines of Eternia as the secondary creation of the Primordial of Travel is revealed. A path unseen by the naked eye.

The Wander Taxidion, the walkways of Eternia. The corridors of the multiverse which bear but only a few entrances, most notably that of the runegates of Chireus’s creation. It is through this ethereal highway that one averse in Traversal Magic could manifest to move miles at a simple whim. In their wake, they leave behind the archaic creations of melded stone and alien materials. Upon these gates, the intricate languages the Primordial of Travel had formed line the outer traces of the circular passages. At the right behest of one who understands Chireus’s runes would unveil a fraction of its power into creation. For without the proper knowledge would leave the relic to be nothing more than a dormant decoration. Yet in the right hands, such would allow traversal throughout the many hidden passages of Eternia, able to blink at any space through the Wander Taxidions, all of its placements and locations being the grandest secret of the Primordial of Travel. Only he would bear access to its activation, kept hidden from his own fellow deities. Only at his impairment of keystones would one ever have hopes to make use of these relics.

Now, years later, long had these runegates found themselves dormant. The most use of it is seen as the central hub of all of Chireus’s runegates: the Tower of Aetius. For within, it holds the bird wyvern’s grand collection of gates into every nook-and-cranny of Eternia. All that one needs to see it in action? But one of the last remaining keystones imparted by the Primordial of Travel’s wake.

Traversal Magic[edit]

Years later, at the discovery of the Wander Taxidions would those that dwell within the tidings of Meranthe discover the archaic language left behind by the Primordial that created them. The wordings of traversing the lands through the ripples of the ether and the leylines of the world invokes a sense of power to those that learned of its existence. Much like how man remains unsatiated in their progression, it comes to no surprise that they would eventually reverse engineer these runes to discover the practice left behind by Chireus. From it, multiple divides incur the usage of these arts. The primeval differences of the arts invoke the dichotomy of forceful movement against the tried and true knowing and understanding your destination.

It is, however, notable that these schools of thought are predominantly Meranthe based. Tales and knowledge of other regions, continents, and countries may provide different accounts and interpretations. Discourse pertaining Ergo Tropos's ability to surge into the Lifestream and Ergo Diareste's penchant for maiming it along with its odd connection to the Void are but some topics scholars had tackled. However many of those from Meranthe had not sought out answers to these as much as other lands.

Ergo Diareste[edit]

To the universal tongue, many names denote this to be one of the origins of Riftmancy. Discovered by Marinka Irille, one of the first groups to challenge the Tower of Aetius, this holds the tenets of spontaneity, calculative adaptability, and assertiveness. The few others that had grasped the remnants of Chireus’s runic language would impose upon it the forceful and malleable nature of transportation. Whilst Ergo Tropos aimed to glance amongst the proper beatitudes that acts as hard guidelines, Ergo Diareste vies for trial and error, deviating from tried and true methods for more experimental aspects of the magic. Deadlier and much more dangerous, the unpronounced nature of this specific art relies on merely knowing the fundamentals, such would the latter details be then filled in by the requisite needs of the practitioner. Such would call its users to traverse portals of their own making based on probability and educated guesses, primed more on calculating the point of entry regardless of their knowledge of what is on the other side. To no surprise, this is the more dangerous of the dichotomy of tenants.

Ergo Tropos[edit]

In countering the former, the common language oft deems this to be an extension of the origins of Wayfinding. Coined by the leading bibliosoph Remus Vilio and the scholars of the Cloud Citadel, the tenets of familiarity, transcendent understanding, and meticulous tedium lie upon its practices. The grand study of the world’s anatomy, piqued to interested parties to devote their lives to understanding key points of the world and swift access to their presence within the speed and safety of the incantation of the runes. Often would the art be plastered across physical items, being the more documented of the two allows for its runic sigils to be invoked and understood with long-enough studies. It comes to no surprise that those who practice the tenants of Ergo Tropos focus more dearly upon places that have the integrity of familiarity to the practitioner. For, much like the runegates of the Wander Taxidion, with familiarity of the locale comes an understanding of the ethereal and metaphysical presence that the runic sigils of traversal magic bear within the destination. In this, one can move from any point that one is familiar with, whether by memory, by experiences, or even by the bearing of a powerful item tied to such places.