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The androgynous figure had eye catching honeyed hair that caught the surrounding colors.

An Aspect of Ymir’s creative will, Mestra from conception has been a creative and energetic god. Known for their near constant spats of dramatics with most of the Pantheon, this eccentric deity is as much a trickster as they are an artist. Some believe Mestra to be the creator of written language within the region and contribute the record of early history to their efforts traveling Meranthe. They were absent of direct conflict during the wars of old, instead spending much of their time during the era meandering among mortals to collect, create, and perform various works and mediums of art, providing respite where they could. During the Pantheon's departure from the realm they strummed a song upon a lyre, singing of good luck, best wishes, and love towards the mortals they left behind alongside their siblings, and the first rainbow was cast across the world.

The Troupe of Shimmer

A niche and eccentric religion, the Troupe of Shimmer is a largely nomadic and claimless faith that values individualism, poetry, dance, painting, song, and other forms of art. Most common within the confines of Delphina, many of the nation’s rituals have been at least partially influenced by the dance and artful expressions of Mestra’s Troupe. Beyond the nature loving country the faith is far reaching into all corners of Meranthe, usually present in traveling groups of performers, lone bards, and whimsical artists. By many, even outside the religion, tipping an artist of Mestra is a gesture of good luck and good graces. It is far from uncommon for individuals to visit a circus or tavern to give coins to one before events which may require such favor from the universe.

This belief they grant good luck is a genuine and factual one, the blessings of the faith largely revolving around increasing one’s luck, often in payment to mere appreciation or patronage to their art. Through the grace of Mestra contribution to art by inspiration, encouragement, or otherwise grants the individual a boon for a temporary period. This boon often leaves a glimmering aura around the individuals, hence the name ‘the Troupe of Shimmer’. Many who find themselves in favor of Mestra are known for being more charismatic than the average person, many politicians despite their lack of their own art, pay patronage to the Troupe regularly.

Acolytes of this faith are referred to as a ‘Bard’ with ranking leadership among the religion holding the title of ‘Scintillate.’ Given the nomadic and decentralized nature of the Troupe there is often a Scintillate in every major city. These bands of Shimmers are known for hosting cultural events, playing at taverns, maintaining theatres, and some even serving as court jesters among more archaic and stern settlements. To have a Scintillate within your country or city is viewed as having good fortune, settlements without them or on bad terms with the Troupe are usually considered cursed or omened with misfortune.