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Mr. Biologist says:
"The purpose of this guide is to consolidate 'must know' information into one place. Reading this isn't necessary when first making a character, but is recommended. If you're not already aware, there's a game launcher that we recommend using. The guide might occasionally reference a slash (/) command, which can be viewed on this page or seen in-game via the blue crystal chat tab."


When making a character, you'll have a choice of starting locations and races to choose from. The location doesn't matter much as you can always change it using the /spawnpoint command.


You'll see a 'description' input. You can also change this in-game via the options menu (cog icon on the far right, 'Change Description). A character description is a basic HTML page, which you can use to include an image of your character, and/or a text description. See this character profile guide for some commonly used tags and templates.

Tutorial NPC

After creating your character, you'll spawn directly next to a Tutorial NPC. Interact with it with lift-click or X. Complete the tutorial quests to learn the basic controls and interactions, such as buying and selling items, defeating monsters, battling other characters, and exploring dungeons.

Stat Sheet

Within the stats menu after making a character, you'll see the following.

  • Level: Your character level. You earn EXP via roleplaying, completing quests and dungeons. The 'soft cap' is Level 200, which typically takes a few weeks or less to reach. The 'hard cap' is 220, which takes a few months or longer to reach, depending.
  • Spell Points: Points to spend on spells. Consider that you have a few hundred to work with when designing a build. The potion 'Mana Amnesia' can reset all your spell points and purchases beside the openers, and a 'Rebirth' potion can reset your choices entirely (as long as you're under Level 210 for the latter).
  • Stat Points: Points to spend on stats. Always focus on Vitality and Power. You can use a 'Blackout' potion to reset your stat points.
  • Vitality: This increases your HP by 274. Click the stat name (or green HP bar) to see your current amount.
  • Power: The damage spells deal.
  • Agility: One point increases crit rate by 0.30%, and reduces spell cooldowns by 0.15%.
  • Mana: Each point gives 0.05% damage reduction up to 150, and 0.020% after 150, as well as increasing your overall mana pool.


In Meranthe, EXP is gained by interacting with other characters through the Say and Roleplay commands, completing Quests and Dungeons/PvE, and participating in PvP. You 'level up' whenever you meet the EXP threshold, and those levels can be used to purchase abilities and upgrade your stats (Stat Points and Spell Points are separate rather than shared pools!). After you level up, the EXP requirement reduces your EXP pool, but any excess remains and contributes to future levels... for example, if it cost you 200 EXP to level up, but you had 300 in your EXP pool, then you'd have 100 left over.

You can use the /activity command to see some statistics about your character, including their Total EXP.

Mr. Biologist says:
"EXP, levels, and so on are additions to, not replacements of roleplay! If minmaxxing PvP isn't your cup of tea, and you want to say open a clinic for wayward fox boys, that's fine too. Meranthe is what we the community make of it, and no two players have the same experience. If you find your character's direction isn't as rewarding as you hoped, try something new!"

Mastery Points

You may notice that some spells as marked as Master, and they require a Mastery Point on top of their Spell Point cost. You gain a Mastery Point at Level 200, and another if you complete 5+ Dangerous battles. This provides a total of 2 Mastery Points for a character to spend.

EXP Rates

The amount of EXP gained from an action.

  • Say: +1 EXP each use. Very low cooldown (around 10 seconds) that's separate from Roleplay.
  • Roleplay: Anywhere from 5 (a few short lines) to 30 points dependent on length. Cooldown of five minutes, but posts within that timeframe still gain EXP, just at a reduced rate.
  • Daily EXP: Each day you gain a log in bonus of 300 EXP.
  • Aggressive+ Battle Completion: This grants 300 EXP, win or lose.
  • Quest: Completing a quest typically grants 30 EXP. They can be repeated daily or weekly.
  • Dungeon: Completing a dungeon typically grants 100 EXP but will vary depending on the difficulty.

EXP Requirements

The required number of EXP to level up once in that level category.

  • Level 0 - 100 or less: 50 EXP
  • Level 101 - 150: 200 EXP
  • Level 151 - 180: 400 EXP
  • Level 181 - 199: 600 EXP
  • Level 200 - 220: 2000 EXP
  • Level 220+: 10000 EXP
  • Level 230+: 30000 EXP

Level Rewards

The amount of levels a character receives in each bracket.

  • 0 - 50: 20 Levels
  • 51 - 100: 10 Levels
  • 101 - 150: 6 Levels
  • 151 - 180: 4 Levels
  • 181 - 199: 2 Levels
  • 200+: 1 Level



A guild is a great way for players to organize their characters. If you're looking to join one, the guilds sub-forum might be useful, or just ask around in-character.

Mr. Biologist says:
"They're also a great way to find RP and make lasting connections for your character. Meranthe is a dangerous place, doubly so if you're by yourself!"

High ranking members of a guild can also put out public and private announcements; the latter is sent to all members, and pings them, and the former is server-wide. This is great if you're hosting an event, such as a tournament, festival, wedding, or anything else you might want to get the word out on.


A faction is a settlement wide guild, and joining one unlocks various features. When a part of a faction, you'll gain influence whenever roleplaying nearby the associated settlements (you can use /influence to see your amount). You can still be a member of other guilds, but only one faction.

Speak to a recruiter NPC to join a faction as a base rank of 1 (citizen). Each rank up is +50% influence gain. High ranking members of that faction can promote you.

Influence can be spent on upgradeable faction gear and also via the token/PvE store. It's an attractive perk to have, so do consider officially aligning with a settlement, whether it's as a knight, priest, researcher, or whatever other role suits your character, even if it's just someone that lives there! This also generally makes roleplaying easier as a new player since it provides a path to follow.

Faction Gear

Faction gear are items that the leaders of the faction have set up, a chest and cloak slot.

The chest has a base vitality of 5, and the cloak slot has a base vitality of 5.

Using polish (500 influence per 1 upgrade) you can upgrade these items for a period of five years. The chest caps out at 15, and the cloak caps out at 8 (excluding vitality enchantments).


General crafting has no spell point investment. Artificer and Alchemy cost a total of 10 spell points (2 per tier, five tiers).

General Crafting

These are public recipes anyone can craft free of spell point investment. Just have the ingredient list in your inventory, then left-click the associated recipe. You can find many useful items here, such as rowboats to travel the ocean, hoes and watering cans to farm, fishing rods to fish, and paper/books to document history. Be sure to have a look through to see the different items and their descriptions (right-click an item to view this).

Common Recipes

  • Food: "Eating food grants a temporary stat boost, and also restores your energy."
  • Fishing Rod: "Use it by a water source to fish!"
  • Rowboat: "This lets you travel the ocean, the outer islands and their settlements, and the connecting rivers."
  • Shovel: "Dig a hole. Place an item over it, then dig again to bury it! It'll persist across reboots until dug up."
  • Copper Hoe: "Till land to make it possible to plant seeds on."
  • Paper: "You can write on this, and even customize it with HTML tags."
  • Book: "Drag and drop paper into a book to store it! Bound books can be duplicated for a leather/paper cost."
  • Campfire Kit: "Places a campfire that you can warm your hands by for a small energy bonus."
  • Chicken Coop: "Chickens lay eggs and can be slaughtered for meat once of age."
  • Cows: "Cows can be milked."
  • Sign Kit: "Place a customizable sign with its own message. Others can destroy it however."
  • Training Dummy: "A box of training dummies. Right-click on the object to view your options."


An artificer can forge gear (such as weapons and armor), enchant/empower gear, and forge many rune-related objects.

Item Stats

These are the non-standard item stats you'll see.

  • Physical: This functions the same as Power, except it only applies to Armed and Unarmed spells.
  • Weight: This increases cooldowns by 0.1% per 1 weight while equipped.
  • Element Power: This increases the % damage of an affinity and its specializes. So if you see 3 Air Power on an item, that means it increases Air Magic's damage by 3%, and also any of the sub-trees (Lightning, Sound, etc).
  • Element Defense: Like power except it reduces incoming damage of that affinity and its specialization by a %.

Quality Bonus

Crafted gear can have a slight stat bonus (uncommon, rare, ultra) on select gear slots (weapon, chest, legs, amulet). Upgraded artificer anvils have favored odds to roll a bonus when crafting item, which you'll see listed in the construction's décor menu.

Unique Tag

If an item has a golden name, then it's a unique, and will have an associated [] tag at the bottom. This typically means that it came about via an event. See this guide for information on event items.

Special resources (as explained in the linked guide) can also turn items into uniques.

Crafting Unique Items

If desired, you can go through the manual process of an item application that allows you to customize the sprite of an object (including weapons), as well as custom stats (balanced based on public recipes).

Item Modifiers

These are modifiers that are sometimes applied to unique items as requested by players, and a few of the craft recipes.

  • Long Dash: Increases dash distance (space key) by 1 tile
  • Blessed: When the player is inflicted with a temporary injury, the duration is halved
  • Cursed: When the player is inflicted with a temporary injury, the duration is doubled
  • Wrath: The injury and capture roll is reduced by 1 for both combatants at the end of a battle
  • Juggernaut: The player cannot dash, but they're immune to knockback debuff
  • Sprint: On dash, instead of dashing the player gains 1 movement speed for 2s
  • Invisibility: Player has a 200 alpha applied for 2s when they dash
  • Bleed: Physical damage has a 5% chance to deal 3 stacks of bleed
  • Blunt: Physical damage has a 5% chance to apply a 1s slow
  • Critical: Critical damage is increased from its current amount (33%) to 40%
  • Champion: +1 Faith on dangerous/deadly win
  • Witchblade: +1 Essence on dangerous/deadly win
  • Soul Eater: The duration of temp injuries dealt is increased by 3x
  • Soulbound: The weapon gains power based on the amount of EXP it contains (gained while equipped). +1 Power, base requirement of 1000 EXP; then an additional 2000 each power gained, so it starts low but soon scales high.
  • Indomitable: While your HP is 15% lower than your opponent's, gain 20% power


Established, experienced articers might transcend the limits of their craft and learn the masterpiece recipe. This grants improved stats to the target item. Masterpiece enchantments do not stack (but do upgrade). They also let you change the name, description, and unique tag of the target item. The recipe can only be used once per decade+.

  • Artisan: weapon: 3 power, chest: 2 vitality, 10 year cooldown
  • Master: weapon: 5 power, chest: 3 vitality, 15 year cooldown
  • Grandmaster: weapon: 7 power, chest: 4 vitality, 20 year cooldown


Alchemy is the art of potion making across the world. It can refer to ordinary solutions made by day to day herbalists, or it can refer to the powerful potions that are created by magi and involve supernatural means to brew. The more advanced potions are complicated, sometimes involving several stages and days to make.

Beginnings in alchemy involve learning how to forage and identify ingredients. By distilling and harnessing certain aspects of the procured materials, a number of desired effects can be produced in the combinations. Something as slight as a minor increase in brewing time or quantity might sabotage and change the desired outcome. Extraction, mixing, heating and cooling in a carefully staged process by skilled hands will produce a concoction ready to be bottled and sold.

Like Artificing, there are five tiers, and each one costs 2 Spell Points to advance (total of 10). There are roughly fifty potion recipes to uncover, and not all are public.

Active effects take up a potion slot. You can only have one potion active at a time; instant effects do not impact this.

Active effect potions can be dragged and dropped onto food/drink items, which transfers their effect to the item on consumption.

Common Potions

Some of the potions you might encounter or hear about are:

  • Levitation Potion: "Drinking this will make you float in the air for one hour."
  • X-Boosters: "A bottle of nutritious goodness. This will increase a stat by 1. You can drink up to fifty X-Boosters before you reach your limit."
  • Glamor Potion: "Use on an item to change its name and description."
  • Mana Amnesia: "Refunds all spells except openers."
  • Rebirth: "Refund all spells. Must be under level 210."
  • Magibane: "Greatly inhibits the consumer, poisoning them for several hours."
  • Invisibility: "Makes the consumer invisible for an hour."
  • Blackout: "Refunds a stat investment, up to 100 points, letting you respec your stats."
  • Job Reset: "Change your lifeskill focus."
  • Elixir of Healing: "Halves the duration of a temporary injury."
  • Replenishment: "Halves all energy costs for a year."
  • Attunement: "Increases an element affinity's power and defense by 5."


Lifeskills are passive levels in various activities. The higher your level in a lifeskill, the more bonuses you receive. Your chosen occupation (which you can select during character creation) increases your lifeskill EXP gain by 2x.

You can change your lifeskill at any time by drinking the Job Reset potion. This won't impact your accumulated levels.


This grants +20% EXP and Coin gain on quests and dungeons. It cannot be levelled up, and is the default if not changed in character creation, or via the Job Reset potion.


The higher your farming level, the chance you'll gain seeds when harvesting your crops, as well as bonus amounts of crops. It also means a better chance of 'high quality' (HQ) crops. For every HQ ingredient in a cooking recipe, the finished product gains 1 power.


As your cooking level increases, the base energy reward and vitality of the food you cook improves. At Level 100, your food is twice as effective.


A higher fishing level means a better chance at a 'high quality' fish reward. It also unlocks rarer fish.


Each ore node grants up to 3 ore. You can typically find them within caves and dungeons.

Some ore nodes require a higher mining level. At level 40 and beyond, you can more or less mine any nodes without loss. The higher your mining level also means a chance at bonus ore.

Ore Rarity


  • Copper: "A reddish brown metal."
  • Iron: "Grey, dense. Heavy."
  • Adamantite: "This crystalline mineral is a great conductor of mana."


  • Mythril: "Silver. An all rounder."
  • Blue Mercury: "Light, sharp, fragile and blue."
  • Orchicalcum: "Gold. What it lacks in sturdiness it makes up for in channelling mana."


  • Tyrium: "This passively siphons mana, making it ideal for anti-magic restraints and other such tools."
  • Nyeshk: "Dense and heavy, as black as a starless night sky."
  • Viridium: "A violet, toxic metal."
  • Auguria: "Green. Rich in vitae."

Very Rare:

  • Arcanium: "It has a reflective surface and texture, resembling diamond."
  • Eternite: "The bones of Amier, or so it's called."
  • Austereia: "A touch of aether flows through this metal."
  • Prism: "A rainbow colored, prism-like ore."


Foraging level improves your chance at a bonus herb.

Unique Magic

There are many special abilities there aren't publicly available, often with particular lore stipulations. These are also known as signature abilities. For single abilities, these are categorized as Master, Exalted and Mythic; the latter is rare and difficult to obtain, the former is a little more lenient but still intended to lift up excellent storytellers. Additionally, there are Classes, which are supporting abilities that use a point based system to invest in and master as you explore them.

You can use the form to make a request. You will be contacted in-game if approved; if a week passes, that means your request wasn't approved, but you're free to try again. You should only really be spending no more than 20 minutes or so on a request, as you don't want to waste your time, but this is purely what we recommend!

Requests do not have to be anything specified here. It can be practically anything. Request form link:


You can spend 5 Spell Points to unlock an (optional) character defining class. These are supporting roles within the world of Meranthe.

The typical method of learning a class is by being inducted by another character via the in-game mechanics. Alternatively, you can submit an ability request application. See the individual pages for mechanical and lore information.


An experienced Medic can Mentor others to learn Medic. As you use Medic (to treat temporary and permanent injuries) you accrue EXP that can be spent on various upgrades in the public skill tree.


A priest can baptize another to grant them Faith - Initiate, one of three levels. While there are many faiths, what they share is that their unison with the flow of life energy (known as the lifestream). This fuels typically benevolent acts (empowering, healing, warding), but there are no alignment restrictions on a Faith (or any Class, technically). You can be a bloodthirsty zealot or a pacifist sage as long as you abide by your particular Faith's oath.


This is a sub-Faith with unique mechanics. Fortune tellers empower the fates of those they bless, tell fortunes for randomized buffs, and can unlock Fortuna combat spells.


Necromancy is control over the dead. You can summon and empower the undead as your direct underlings. This ability is quite rare and difficult, and must be taught directly, or through forbidden knowledge (such as a tome).

Black Magic

To become a Witch, you form a soul exchange pact with hel, the underworld. You can sign your name into a Book of Shadows object, or manifest your own, then accrue and spend Essence to further master the dark arts. Much like Necromancy, most governments have a death penalty for this practice.

Summoning Contracts

If you are invested in the Summoning tree, you could form a summoning contract with a unique summon. This might be via a ritual, an item, an event, or other development.

EARTH SKURN (Public): Pounce, Mudslide, Spike

FIRE SKURN (Public): Pounce, Fire Wave, Flamethrower

AIR SKURN (Public): Pounce, Air Blast, Shockwave

WATER SKURN (Public): Pounce, Water Whip, and Aqua Beam

FAIRY COMPANION: Pounce, Holy Orbs, and Pond

GUARDIAN BEAR: Lariat, Mudslide, and Spikes

BLACK FOX: Pounce, Flamethrower, and Blazing Wave

KAOR DEMON: Pounce, Kaor Corruption, and Shadow Cannon

CHUGGUMS: Chuggums Punch, Chuggums Hop, and Shockwave

CHESTER: Flying Kick, Lariat, and Grapple Hook

GALATEIA: Ice AoE, Sound Strike, and Sound Cascade

SHROOM: Vine Wave, Spores, and Blood Miasma

HOLLOW: Lightning Burst, Black Claw, and Bolt

Aether Magic

Aether Magic is supercharged, divine mana, sourced directly from a bloodline or blessing. They are known as Nephilim, and typically have a unique insignia to their eyes; Gala might be spirals, Enarr is a crown symbol, Mestra is multi-colored, etc. It shows in the eyes once Aether Magic awakens as this is the gateway and reflection of a person's soul. An awakened Nephilim is free to flavor this as desired!

A fully fledged Nephilim (Level 220+) can choose to 'champion' someone they have a strong bond with to spread their Aether Magic to (their physical appearance, such as eyes, remain the same however). Existing racials are refunded unless they were human, which is kept.

If a Nephilim is defeated and felled in battle, the victor may choose to gain an affinity for Aether Magic through the primordial blood. Existing racials are refunded. If this is consensual (or suicide) it's less likely to pass on, perhaps due to a lack of adrenaline.

  • TRUE COUNTER: For 2s, the player is cast locked and absorbs all damage, then returns it back at the end in a homing blast. 10 Spell Points, Basic.
  • AETHER FLASH: Activate to charge, gains effects, maxing out at 3s (cannot cast during). May cast mid-charge. Increases damage and after 3s the beam can instantly form. 10 Spell Points, Basic.
  • IGNITE: Activate to charge, gains effects, maxing out at 5s (cannot cast during). May cast mid-charge. Increases the number of projectiles, a base of 5 to 15 when fully charged (similar to Meteor Shower). 10 Spell Points, Basic.

  • NephilimRed: Mortyl, Ualdir
  • NephilimBlue: Any
  • NephilimGreen: Any
  • NephilimPink: Chireus, Alacritas
  • NephilimGold: Enarr, Pylae, Alacritas
  • NephilimMestra: Mestra
  • NephilimGala: Gala
  • NephilimNull:Athelios

Wayfinding & Rift Magic

Signature Spells


Signature abilities might be rewarded for exemplary storytelling.

You can use the form to make a request! You will be contacted in-game if approved; if 3 days passes, that means your request wasn't approved, but you're free to try again. Feedback, quests, and other such enquiries may take part on behalf of the Staff via the PM/Ticket system. You should only really be spending no more than 20 minutes or so on a request, as you don't want to waste your time, but this is purely what we recommend.

Characters that manage to reach Level 230 may choose a Master Signature Spell, if they do not already have a Signature. To do so, ticket with your request; or you can even ask staff what they think might fit!

Additionally, if the character reaches Level 230 and only has a Master Signature already, then they may choose to upgrade it to an Exalted Signature of choice. The Exalted Signature must not be overly lore intensive, but if it is, then feel free to request it and discuss with staff regardless. This may be requested at any time: you do not need to upgrade immediately, soon, or ever, it's entirely your choice of preference.

Your request is more likely to be approved if:

  • Engaging, enjoyable writing, involving others.
  • Polite and courteous to others OOCly (this includes out of game communications).
  • You do not joke post often, use OOC slang ICly, break the fourth wall, etc. Your character immerses others actively and reflects the established lore. They have a presence, defined flaws and a personality.
  • Proactive in the pursuit of their goals. Someone that motivates others as an effect of their activity. They likely have a reputation across the world.

Your character might be described as one the following:

  • A person with longevity that has had some worldly impact, for example, a long time member of a guild or military.
  • An active, established 'antagonist' (term used loosely) that could do with a power boost as they aren't as threating as they could be.
  • A 'smaller', less known character, with colorful, stand out writing that adds to the overall quality of the cast and has been a long-term fixture.

These are iconic abilities that might be rewarded for exemplary storytelling. See

Listed is the type of ability (Aura, Cast Spell, Toggle-Buff, Stance, etc), the Spell Point (SP) cost if any, and the Affinity (Magic School). Signatures require 40 Spell Points spent within the associated Magical Classification.

Keep in mind that the written flavor does not necessarily need to be followed. You are free and encouraged to come up with a unique spin while respecting the lore and source material.

Signature - Master Spell

Custom Stance (Stance) 5SP: The expression of a unique, practiced, and established fighting style.

Magesight Visionary (Toggle-Buff) 5SP: Mastery over the Visionary magic casting style. While all possess some form of mana sight, this can enhance it further depending on the focus and development of the person.

Runecasting Artificer (Cast-Buff) 10SP: Mastery over the Runecasting magic casting style.

Golemcraft Artificing (Attack) 10SP: Your own personally forged golems aid you, flying above, drone-like.

Invisibility (Toggle-Buff): Become almost completely invisible on command. (Not usable in fights with consequences.)

The Gaze (Aura): An entity overlooks and shares its power with the bearer, typically of the Void or some damned world, peaking beyond the cracks.

Holyflame Embers Holy/Fire (Attack) 10SP: Draw out healing energy from your lingering flames, embers of holy fire invigorating you while burning your foes.

Elemental Fury Four Elements (Cast-Buff) 10SP:

Bloodthirst Blood (Cast-Buff) 10SP:

Shinobi Surprise Illusion (Toggle-Buff) 10SP:

Signature - Exalted Spell

Soul Drain Occult (Attack) 10SP:

Mighty Blow Armed/Unarmed (Attack) 10SP:

Starlight Cosmic (Aura): Enshroud yourself in the blue light of the dim azure stars of the cosmos.

Crimson Cosmic Cosmic (Aura):

Rosegold Cosmic Cosmic (Aura):

Azureflame Fire (Aura):

Super Magi Energy, Holy, Occult (Aura) 10 SP: There are natural limiters to the magical circuit to regulate its flow. A Super Magi can overcome these barriers and assume a form of free flowing ethereal magic; it requires a body that is trained to physical perfection and endurance to sustain this limit breaking state.

UltraSMASH Armed (Attack) 10SP: Leap into the air, slamming down onto your target with tremendous force! The ground trembles on impact.

Supreme Firewave Fire (Attack) 10SP:

Supreme Earthwave Earth (Attack) 10SP:

Supreme Magma Wave Magma (Attack) 10SP:

Lightspeed Rush Light (Attack) 10SP: Lash out against your opponents in an endless barrage that moves oneself at lightspeed without ever giving your opponents a chance to strike back.

Shadow Rush Shadow (Attack) 10SP: Warp from within the shadows in a barrage of attacks that leave one’s opponents disoriented and unable to fight back as their shadow strikes against them.

Greater Half-Shift Drakanite (Aura): Mastery over the Drakanite's heritage and inner Dragon.

Tsunami Water (Attack) 10SP: Call forth a massive wave of water to sweep away your foes, signifying total mastery over manipulation of water.

Signature - Mythic Spell

Flashsword Armed (Stance) 5SP: (+Quick teleport via directional keys, Strike teleport) The pinnacle of swordsmanship, only achievable should the user submit themselves to the path of the sword. They gain the ability to see what lays past their blade, enabling high speed attacks in the blink of an eye.

Assassin Fist Unarmed (Stance) 5SP: (+Power up on Q; crimson arcs) Mastery and expression of the person's individual style, with a focus on crippling strikes. Their physical prowess can be seen in the flashes of red that appear with lightning quick strikes, from raw fighting power, adrenaline harnessed and manifested with upmost control and devastation.

The Void's Wildcard (Aura): Of the darkest corners of the cosmos, eldritch entities lay in wake, on the very edge of creation and far beyond even the dim unlight of Helheim. Madness is the defining characteristic of the unfortunate person to come into contact and maintain communion with the energy of the Void. Its thousand eyes manifest through the host.

Celestial Ascension (Toggle-buff): Cosmic wings and mastery over the astral affinity.

Harmonic Attunement Holy (Aura):

Dark Guardian Occult (Toggle-Buff) 5SP:

Shadowflame Occult (Aura):

Holyflame Holy Fire (Aura):

Holylightning Holy Lightning (Aura):

Chronos Eyes Time (Cast-Buff) 10SP:

Nullification Occult (Aura):

Pandemonium Drive (Toggle-Buff) 5SP:

Thunderking (Lightning):

Barrier (Attack) 10SP: (Entraps the target in the AoE, unable to leave for the duration) A barrier that protects oneself from all manner of attacks, be they physical, soul-warping or otherwise. The true desire to protect made manifest.

Faeroum Arcana (Aura):

Unreality Veil Psychic (Aura):

Blade Styles

Fomorian Form ATK: 2 DEF: 5 Speed: 2 Mana Efficiency: 5 Technique: 2: Forming magical sensing upon the earth, a Fomorian master's defense is said to be unworldly. They follow the subtle vibrations that flow through the ground and into their mana, adjusting their footwork and posture to match the strikes of their opponent. Skilled practitioners are sometimes thought to be mind readers because it's almost as if they predict their opponent's attack before it's made.

Ifrit Form ATK: 5 DEF: 1 Speed: 5 Mana Efficiency: 1 Technique: 4: A fighting style that focuses on fast-paced, powerful combinations, to keep the target at bay, true to the quote "The best defense is a good offense". While it is remarkably powerful in the right hands, masters of the form often favor a swift duel due to how much magical power the style requires. The amount of moves and maeuvers the Ifrit style has documented outnumbers all of the other popular styles. This makes it especially difficult to attain usefulness in, but the number of strikes is to keep the pattern of attack unpredictable.

Garuda Form ATK: 2.5 DEF: 2.5 Speed: 4 Mana Efficiency: 3 Technique: 5: Garuda form primarliy relies on movment of the pratictioner, each movement calcutated to swoop in and deliver a series of blows against their oppenent before retreating to set up another pass. Users of the form barely look like they are touching the ground, this is key because the forms defense is somewhat lacking. The style relies on parrying the blow to where you were before than to take the blow directly. While each blow may not be as damaging as some of the other styles, the style relies on accumulating lesser blows to build up and whittle the foe down, dictating the pace of combat.

Cetus Form ATK: 3 DEF: 3 Speed: 3 Mana Efficiency: 3 Technique: 3: Water is fluidity. It will conform perfectly to whatever shape is forced upon it. At the same time, when unleashed, the rushing flow cannot be stopped. Cetus style is the ultimate all-rounder. Practitioners are exceedingly competent in all general forms of combat. When utilized poorly, a Cetus fighter is a master of none, but a skilled practitioner can adapt to whatever form the battle ahead of them takes. To that end, they are among the most unpredictable warriors in Valmasia to face, alternating from evasive and slippery defense to punishing and direct assault. Both physically fit and agile, there is rarely anything in direct combat a skilled Cetus warrior cannot do competently.

Vritra Form ATK: 3 DEF: 2 Speed: 5 Mana Efficiency: 3 Technique: 3: If Ifrit is the brightest flame burning out twice as fast and Fomorion is the implacable slow advance of the earth, Vritra is the sudden flash of lightning. It bears some similarity in advantage and disadvantage to Ifrit style, favoring speed and leaving less to defense, but its approach is utterly different. Rather than the continuous burning assault of fire, lightning only strikes when it is ready for the kill. To that end, practitioners unleash their assaults with blinding speed, striking for weak points and aiming to gain a significant advantage with every blow. A somewhat patient approach is key, and the style has the mana efficiency to support it. Vritra fighters make a point of enhancing their strength and speed with mana in order to make the decisive strike all the more successful.


Initiating a Battle

Raids & Warfare





Quests are repeatable (excluding the Tutorial) and grant EXP & Coin, either 'Daily' (24 hour cooldown) or 'Weekly/IC year' (every 7 days).


  • Location: At all faction spawn points.
  • Purchase An Item - 200 Coin
  • Sell An Item - 200 Coin
  • Defeat A Monster - 200 Coin
  • Craft A Torch - 200 Coin
  • Complete A Battle - 200 Coin
  • Craft A Rowboat - 200 Coin
  • Reach Level 100 - 200 Coin
  • Enter A Dungeon - 200 Coin
  • Join A Faction - 200 Coin


  • Location: 187, 589
  • Angered Arachnator (Weekly) - 800 Coin, 30 EXP


  • Location: 605, 745 & 400, 575
  • Hog Hunting (Daily) - 300 Coin, 20 EXP
  • Apex Predator (Daily) - 500 Coin, 20 EXP
  • Demon Hunting (Weekly) - 900 Coin, 30 EXP


  • Location: 530, 630
  • Grumble In The Grotto (Daily) - 500 Coin, 30 EXP


  • Location: 380, 480
  • Lost Rabbit (Daily) - 400 Coin, 30 EXP

Shady Dealer

  • Location: 530, 470
  • Gold Powder (Daily) - 800 Coin, 30 EXP





Along with the other starter abilities, you'll see this in your spell list.

As its tooltip describes: "This Spell is used to commend a player, not a character, for roleplaying you found enjoyable. Again, this is out of character, so you can commend your IC enemies, or those you aren't familiar with if you witnessed them and found their writing and actions from a storytelling perspective entertaining. Please note that usage of this ability is tracked and you are prompted to summarize the specifics; it also sends a personal note to the recipient!

It has a cooldown of 3 OOC days.

The Weekly Quest, Appreciator, has this mechanic as an objective with some generous rewards to incentivize positivity between players."


You'll see the 'New Ticket' option within the blue crystal tab, this lets you open a ticket to communicate with the Staff. These tickets save and persist while you're offline, and you can chat back and forth as needed.

This is typically used for in-game help requests. It might be guidance on an appropriate battle setting, a question you have or anything else.

You can also request for narrative guidance. Perhaps you're investigating an area and looking for clues or information on something, or you've encountered a unique object you're researching. This is something in a shot in the dark and you shouldn't always expect an answer or a narrate, but the possibility is there.


If a property has a blue marker on the door, you can pay the upfront cost to gain ownership. Make sure to also upkeep the maintenance cost or you'll lose ownership. To view your current property locations, type /properties.

Properties are good for item storage, via chests, as well as your own personal space to customize.

You will typically easily find affordable rooms available in public spaces, like apartment buildings and inns.


An encampment also acts as a house with the same features, and can easily be packed into your inventory so you can take it with you! Try not to leave it alone in for too long. It's best to carry it around.


A sailboat is effectively a 'moving home' that can also be used to travel the ocean and explore the outer islands. X to ride it, right-click while nearby for the various options.

Letter System

You can send long-distance messages to other characters via the /message command. If they're offline, they'll receive the mail whenever they next log in.

Be aware that there are rules against using this to call someone to you during conflict.


Your character is likely to suffer injuries, temporary and permanent, both from PvP and PvE. The latter is usually temporary (a few hours) if inflicted by a monster/NPC, but DM hosted events can incur harsher damage.

You can view your injuries with the /injuries command. You can inflict an injury on your character using /injureself, which displays the injury name, type, and description to all those nearby, too. This isn't necessarily your character inflicting self harm but comes about due to a narrative choice.


Both the characters and world in Meranthe ages. As a long-term player, you'll witness dynasties rise and fall, kingdoms flourish and decline, and history be made, all archived.

Every seven days, an in-game year passes. Keep in mind however that time is fluid to your scenes and how you want to pace your roleplay; it's more of a background mechanic than something you should reference daily.