Guide To Mining

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Getting Started[edit]

Mining is one of the simplest systems to use and requires no tools to get started.


Around the game world you'll find outcroppings of different ore types. Simply approach one and press the 'x' key to start mining. Different locations may have unique or special ore types, usually found in caves, and are most often guarded by special mobs. Watch out! Be sure to pop into caves and look around for your desired flavor of rocks to smack. Dig diggy hole!

Ore Locations[edit]

  • 685,405,1 [Copper, Iron, Adamantite] Ores near the level 151 boss: [Mythril, Orchicalcum]
  • 398,554,1 [Copper, Iron, Adamantite, Blue Mercury]

Performance Enhancers[edit]

Alchemists can brew special potions to increase the yield from mining. These are not required and only serve as bonuses.