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Chronicles of Meranthe

Meranthe is a role-playing game and an immersive, in-depth sandbox, where players build the towns, craft the items, govern the society, and add to the ongoing story. It is a persistent universe with over 10 real world years of world building, and a millenia+ of events.

Live, thrive, grow with the world. Add your stories to the community, and watch your own and future generations do the same.

The game is defined by the day-to-day of life in a world of fantasy kingdoms: take on various roles, such as a priest or knight, inventor or alchemist, pirate or witch, so on, and pursue individual and collective goals. Take on challenges both solo and a faction, small and grand. Participate in Dungeon Master style events (supported further by our own systems).

More information can be read in the Player Guide.

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